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Yo-Kai Watch Translation Project – Chapter Six

Looks like Nate’s dad left some valuable paperwork he needs for a meeting on the train station platform, so we need to head to downtown Springdale to make sure he has what he needs to close the client and get the sale! Can we help him in time?


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Time to gather up our Yo-Kai and head to the rescue!

Mom: Have a great day, sweetie!

Dad: I’ve got that meeting today, so I’ll be home late tonight.

Mom: You didn’t forget anything, did you?

Dad: I don’t think so! See you tonight!

Dad walking away

Dad entered train station

Dad: Looks like I still have a few minutes to look over things before the…

Dad: Hm…What was I just doing…?

Dad: Oh, here’s the train! That was fast!

Train incoming, Dad boarded the train

Train Station Staff walked in and noticed a something on chair.

Station Staff: Uh-oh. Looks like someone left some important-looking papers behind.

Home Scene

Mom: Oh, it’s your dad.

Mom: Oh no!

Mom: Ninbanya!

Mom: Your dad left some important papers on the platform at Sunshine Station.

Mom: Could you pick them up and take them to him at work?

Mom: The Stationmaster found the envelope with your dad’s name on it.

Ninbanya: I’m on it

Mom: Your dad has a big meeting that starts soon, so please hurry.

Whisper: It’s not really like your dad to forget something so important, is it?

Ninbanya: No, it’s weird. Maybe he got distracted by something at the station?

Whisper: Yeah. Still, I wonder…Well, that’s for later. Let’s get to Sunshine Station.

Whisper: Your dad really needs our help.

Leaving home

Mission: Find Dad’s Papers at the station!

Spotted a purple Yokai

Leadoni: This way! This waaaaay!

Follow Leadoni

Leadoni: This way! This waaaaay!

Follow Leadoni

Leadoni: Wonder what you’ll get!

Turned into a present.

Obtained Nasty Medicine!

Heading uptown to the Heights

Entered the Heights Area- Sauna Road

Arrive to Kohinata Station

Station Staff: Can I help you, young man?

Ninbanya: My dad left some important documents here, I was told to pick them up.

Ninbanya: They were in an envelope with his name on it. Aaron Instructionss?

Station Staff: Oh, right. I think someone called in about that.

Station Staff: Is this the one?

Obtained Dad’s papers!

Whisper: It’s got your dad’s name on it. Sure seems to be the one!

Ninbanya: That’s it. Thank You!

Station Staff: Glad to see he’ll be getting that back.

Whisper: Let’s get to your dad’s office!

Whisper: It looks like the next train will take us to his office.

Ninbanya: Perfect!

New Mission: Take the train downtown!

Go to Springdale Central Station? Yes or NO.

Train arriving Springdale Central Station Scene

Exit Station into cutscne

Whisper: Now all we have to do— WHOAAA…

Ninbanya: Whisper? You OK? What happened?

Whisper: No time to explain. Get your watch ready Ninbanya!

Bunch of floating Yo-kai

Ninbanya: Yikes! What are those Yo-kai?

Whisper: Those are Wazzats. And you can skip the jokes—these things are serious!

Whisper: A single Wazzat can inspirit someone to make that person very forgetful.

Whisper: But I’ve never seen so many in one place at once! This is very bad…

Wazzat attached itself to Whisper

Whisper: And, you know…the, uh… What was I just talking about?

Ninbanya: You were talking about Wazzats.

Whisper: Right, but what was I talking about?

Whisper: OH YEAR! I bet they’re the ones who made your dad forget his papers!

Ninbanya: Oh, right! That makes sense now! We gotta get him those docs!

Whisper: Let’s do this fast, Ninbanya!

Whisper: You’ll forget what you were doing if a Wazzats finds a way to Inspirit you.

Whisper: Don’t let them catch you on your way to your dad’s office!

Whisper: Let’s go, Ninbanya!

Whisper: Your dad’s meeting starts in T-minus three minutes!

Ninbanya: Roger that!

New Mission: Find your dad before his meeting!

Exploring the area and searching for your dad.

Entered Building

Ninbanya: There don’t seem to be any Wazzats around here—-at least not yet.

Whisper: Don’t let your guard down until that envelope is in your dad’s hands.

Whisper: They could still catch up with us!

Wazzats coming here, Ninbanya noticed it.

Ninbanya: Dad’s on the seventh, uh…

Whisper: Let’s hop the elevator and—

Wazzats attached to Whisper

Ninbanya: Whisper!

Whisper: Where am I?! Who am I?! I hope you know what we’re doing here, kid!

Searching for dad

Ninbanya: Dad’s office is on the seventh floor!

Entered Elevator

Exit Elevator, finds Dad

Dad: Ninbanya! What are you doing here? Sorry. I don’t have time right—

Ninbanya: You left your documents at the train station! I got them for you!

Gave Dad’s Paper

Dad: Thank you, Ninbanya! You just saved your dad’s bacon!

Katie’s Dad: We were going to just improvise! And that would have been…not good.

Dad: I can’t believe I just forgot and left them at the train station!

Katie’s Dad: No harm, no foul. Come on—the big dogs are waiting on us.

Dad: Thanks again, Ninbanya> I owe you one!

Dad: Be careful on your way home! OK?

Ninbanya: Sure. Good Luck, Dad!

Dad walks away towards meeting

Ninbanya: It’s amazing that we made it in time.

Whisper: Those Wazzats gave us some trouble but didn’t deter our doc delivery!

Whisper: Let’s head home. I’m exhausted.

Dad meeting

Dad: Thank you, everyone, for waiting. Let’s go ahead and get started.

Dad: I wanted to do a deep dive on our urban-development proposal.

Katie’s Dad: Take a look at the doc in front of you so we can all get on the same page.

Katie’s Dad: Large-scale development issues of Springdale our team will overcome.

Back to Ninbanya

New Mission: Take the train home.

Exit building

Ninbanya: Let’s find our train home.

Whisper: Those Wazzays certainly gave us a cardio workout! I’m glad that’s over!

Wazzat attached to Ninbanya

Ninbanya: Wait—What am…What am I doing in front of the train station?

Whisper: Oh no! It looks like Wazzat Inspirited you again.

Whisper: You seem to be quite vulnerable to being Inspirited, Ninbanya!

Wazzat attached to Whisper

Whisper: You really need to work on that. Otherwise you’ll.. What was I saying?

Ninbanya: Haha! Yes? What were you saying…?

Whisper: I…don’t know. What was I—

Whisper: ARGH! This is like a bad vaudeville bit! We need to defeat that Yo-kai!

Ninbanya: Why do you say that?

Whisper: We can’t let a troublemaker like that continue to run wild!

Whisper: If we just let it keep eating memories, no one will ever remember anything!

Ninbanya: Yeah, that would be a weird world.

Whisper: You’re not getting away from me!

Ninbanya: Hey, wait for me, Whisper!

New Mission: Chase down Wazzat!

Heading to the Train Station

Found Wazzat

Whisper: Let’s get that thing for good!

Whisper: Jaywalking won’t save you!

Whisper: We can’t let it get away!

Whisper: But Safety first. As soon as it’s safe to cross, we’re going after that thing!

Ninbanya: How can you be thinking about traffic rules at a time like this?!

Waiting till it is safe to cross


Whisper: We’re closing in on it, Ninbanya!

Whisper: That thing will think twice about eating memories after we’re done with it!

Whisper: Wazzat’s over near the bakery! Hurry!

Heading to the Bakery

Arriving at the Bakery

Whisper: Gotcha! OK, now we should…uh…What do we do now?

Wazzat: Duhuhuhuh!

Ninbanya: We didn’t catch it so much as it just…stopped running away.

Wazzat: Fun to play with you! Duhuhuh.

Wazzat: No one play with Wazzat. Wazzat sad…

Ninbanya: Are you…just looking for a friend?

Whisper: You Inspirited all those people…because you wanted to play?

Whisper: Wow. Well, if that’s the case, hurry up and befriend it already Ninbanya!

Whisper: This attention-seeking, mischief-making behavior will not stand!

You befriended Wazzat.

Give Wazzat a name that can be sent via StreetPass and local play? Yes or no.

Wazzat was added to the Yo-kai Medallium!

You obtained the Yo-kai Medal for Wazzat

You can view this medal in your Yo-kai Medallium

Wazzat: Wazzat only wanted friend. FRIEND!

Whisper: *sigh* Well…we had to go through a little bit of work to get there…

Whisper: Now we’re friends!

Wazzat attached to Whipser Head

Whisper: Wait…Now we’re friends with who?!

Ninbanya: It’s better if you just don’t ask.

Save point, end of chapter six.


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