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Yo-Kai Watch Translation Project: Chapter Five

After getting our watch upgraded at Timers and More, we head to Catfish Pond to investigate a rumour of folks catching giant fish using shiny objects. Unfortunately, our good friend Bear decided to use his mother’s engagement ring as the shiny item to hopefully catch the King of Catfish Pond, but only ended up losing the ring, making his parents upset. And now it looks like Bear’s mom might be leaving for good, calling the missing ring a sign. Can we help out Bear and recover the ring?


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Let’s catch some Yo-Kai and get Bear’s mom’s ring back!

Bear’s Dad: Tell me you’re joking, Barnaby?!

Bear: Dad, I’m sorry…I…

Bear: I was just trying to do something nice for Mom.

Bear’s Dad: And THIS is your way of being nice ot your mother?!

Bear’s Dad: Do you have any idea how important that ring is?!

Bear’s Dad: I proposed to your mother with that ring! Hw could you lose it?!

Bear: Dad….

Bear’s Dad: You go out there and you find it – you understand me?! GO!

*Bear Leaves*

Katie: Hey, did you hear what everyone’s saying abot Catfish Pond?

Eddie: What, that people are catching huge fish there with shiny bait? Yeah.

Nate: Is that true?

Eddie: Bear usually knows about this kinda stuff. We should ask him when he—

Eddie: Speak of the devil. There you are!

Katie: Hey, Bear!

Bear: Hey, guys….

Bear: *sigh*

Katie: What’s the matter with you?

Eddie: You doing OK, man? What’s the matter? You eat too much honey or somethin’?

Bear: I….My Mom’s…I lost my mom’s…

Bear: Waaaaahhhh!

Nate: It’ll be OK, Bear! Whatever it is….

Bear: I took my mom’s right out to try to catch the King of Catfish Pond.

Bear: But then I dropped it into the pond! How could I have been so dumb?!

Bear: My dad said he proposed to my mom with that ring…

Eddie: You probably should’ve thought that one through a little better, Bear.

Katie: Yeah, I mean the ring is shiny enough to attract fish, sure, but….

Bear: I know, I KNOW! I already apologized like, a million times, OK?!

Bear: But last night I heard them talking, and my mom told my dad…she said….

Bear: “I think that might be some sort of sign. You two should be fine without me.”

Bear: Moms so mad I lost her ring that she’s gonna go away!

Katie: Realy!?

Bear: *sob*

Bear: I—I’m sorry guys. I can’t talk right now. I feel so sad on the inside…

Nate: Bear….

Katie: Bear!….

Eddie: That bear is a lot different than the tough-guy Bear I’m used to seeing.

Katie: I feel so bad for him.

Eddie: Yeah, but…it’s not like there’s anything we can do for him.

*Eddie and Katie Leave*

Whisper: Wow, he was really upset, huh?

Nate: I’ve never seen him like that before. I feel terrible!

Nate: Do you think we could help him find that ring somehow?

Whisper: Well, Nate, we can certainly give it a shot, right?

Whisper: If we help him when he’s vulnerable like this, he’ll owe use a favor later on!

Whisper: Uh, I mean…That is to say….a good deed is its own rewerd! Right?!

Whisper: Yet another situation in which Yo-Kai friends come in handy.

Whisper: If we can befriend a swimming Yo-Kai, that might help us find the ring.

Nate: I was looking up Yo-Kai the other day… Do you know one called  Kappa?

Whisper: Of course! I didn’t know humans were aware of their existence, though!

Nate: They’re suppose to live I rivers, right?

Whisper: Hey, I’m impressed. You’ve certainly done your homework!

Whisper: Let’s head over to the river and see if we can tracka down a Kappa!

*Walk down to the River*

Nate: What’s going on here…?

Lady: A flying…plate? Come on! At least tell me you saw a flying saucer!

Woman: It’s true! I saw it – I swear!

Lady: Flying plates? Next you’ll be telling me about little blue men running around…

Woman: You have to believe me!

Lady: You watch too much TV. Speaking of…did you record last night’s episode?

Nate: I read Kappas have a bald spot that kind of looks like a plate! May be…

Whisper: I think you’re right on the money there, Nate!

Whisper: Yo-Kai have trouble vanishing fully when they’re feeling weak.

Whisper: May be this Kappa was too tired to properly hide its plate!

Whisper: If so, it might still be around the riverbank, somewhere. Shall we look?

Instructions: OK. Time to use our lens to check the riverbank!

Instructions: Oh look, we found a Walkappa!

Whisper: This here is a Walkappa! He’s one of the kappa Yo-Kai!

Nate: He seems really tired.

Walkappa: You two can see me? Who are you?!

Nate: I’m Nate, are you OK?

Walkappa:  I don’t know…I was training really hard for the next kappa swim meet!

Walkappa: I got so wrapped up in my training that I kind of….forgot to eat.

Walkappa: I’m starving, but I’m so weak….if only I could get my hands on some fish….

Walkappa: Oh, this is so bad…

Walkappa: Yeah, if ONLY I could eat some fish. But I’m SO hungry, I can’t even MOVE.

Walkappa: If SOMEONE could catch me a fish, I’d do just about anything for them.

Whisper: Did you read anything about kappas and passive-aggressive tendencies?

Nate: I’d love to help, but I don’t have any way of catching fish!

Walkappa: Would you catch me some fish if you had a fishing rod?!

Nate: Uh, sure?

Walkappa: Aces!

Walkappa: I just happen to have a fishing road right here!

Instructions: Obtained Fishing Rod!

Walkappa: I’ll take three Carp, please. Don’t worry about the rare kind. I’m not picky!

Walkappa: You should be able to catch some nice ones right here from the river.

Whisper: And here I thought we were going to be the oens asking for the favor…

Nate: Well, I don’t know if that was asking, technically. But let’s get that Carp!

Whisper: Sounds good!

Whisper: Three Carp coming up!

Instructions: OK so we can now fish where you see the magnifying glass near the water!

*After catching three Carp*

Walkappa: I’m starving…So, so weak for fish! Oh, the kappa-manity!

Nate: You’re in luck – I caught some for you! Here you are.

Walkappa: Looks delicious, Thank you!

Whisper: That’s some appetite! You really were hungry, weren’t you?

Walkappa: Thanks! I was hoping you’d surprise me with sashimi, but that’s OK.

Walkappa: I didn’t know there were such kind humans out there.

Walkappa: Thanks to you, I’m full energy now! How can I repay the favor?

Nate: Well, actually, since you asked…I need a Yo-Kai who’s good at swimming.

Nate: There’s something I need to find in Catfish Pond. Can you help me?

Walkappa: Sure, Easy as seaweed pie!

Walkappa: I’d be glad to help out!

Whisper: This is good. We made a valuable new friend here, Nate!

Nate: I hope he can help us find that ring.

Walkappa: Take me to Catfish Pond!

*Once Arriving at Catfish Pond!*

Nate: Bear!

Bear: Oh, hey Nate. What are you doing here?

Nate: I was gonna look for your mom’s ring! I thought maybe I could help you!

Bear: Hu? ….Really?

Walkappa: OK, I already got the download on what’s going on.

Walkappa: We got a lost right, right? Well, not for long , we don’t!

Bear: Woah! What just made that splash?!

Nate: That was….my friend. Let’s see if he has any luck looking for that ring!

Bear: Woah! What is that?! What’s going on!

Walkappa: Found it!


Bear: Gah! That splash over there was EVEN BIGGER! What’s happening?!



*After the Fight*

SV Snaggerjag: Oof….I was told lifegaurds got more respect than this.

Whisper: Psst! This must be the King of Catfish Pond everyone’s been talking about!

SV Snaggerjag: I heard that! And yes, that’s correct! Jumping into my pond is prohibited.

SV Snaggerjag: Those sudden splashes scare the fish who vacation here.

nate: oh really? I didn’t know that. I’m sorry about all the splashing.

Walkappa: I’m sorry too. I guess I got a bit, oh, y’know, carried away.

SV Snaggerjag: Just be careful next time! I don’t want to have to teach you a lesson again!

Walhappa: Nate! That ring was stuck on a rock at the bottom of the pond.

+Obtained Special Ring_

Whisper: Seems like we unvocvered the truth behind that shiny-bait rumor!

Bear: Nate! What’s going on here?! Is this palce hanuted?

Nate: I don’t know…May be it was the King of Catfish Pond.

Nate: And it looks like …. I found something you might be interested in!

Bear: That’s – what – How did- WHERE DID YOU FIND THAT?!

Nate: Didn’t you see it come flying out during one of those big splashes?

Nate: Lucky for us!

Bear: *Sob* Aw Nate, thanks so much for helping me!

Bear: I have to get this thing back to my mom before I lose it again!

Bear: Hey, Nate? Any chance you can come with me?

Nate: WHy?

Bear: It would help if I had a friend there. I dunno if I can do this on my own.

Nate: I’d be happy to help you, Bear.

Nate: Let’s go! I’m right behind you!

*Time to return the ring to Bear’s mom!*

Bear’s Mom: Are you sure you are going to be OK without me?

Bear’s Dad: I’ll figure something out. Don’t worry – I’ll make sure Barnaby understands.

Bear’s Mom: I wrote down everything you’ll need to know…

Nate: Oh no! We’re too late!

Bear: Mom…?

Bear’s Mom: Barnaby, what happened to you? You’re soaking wet!

Bear: Mom, I’m so sorry! I felt so bad, and I went to look for your ring!

Bear’s Mom: Oh, don’t you worry about it, Barnaby. It was a cheap old thing anyway.

Bear’s Dad: Cheap?! That’s the ring I gave you when I proposed to you!

Bear’s Mom: What are you talking about? I got that ring out of a vending machine!

Bear’s Mom: Don’t tell me you forgot which ring you used to propose to me…?!

Bear’s Dad: Uh…of course I didn’t!

Bear’s Mom: Your father is a good man, Barnaby. He’s just a bit…misguided at times.

Bear’s Mom: I never take off my engagement ring — you know tha!

Bear’s Mom: I’m going to show it off all weekend at ny class renuion!

Bear: Wekeend? Reunion…!?

Bear’s Mom: Yep, looks like you’re the man of the house while I’m gone, Barnaby!

Nate: Bear’s mom was just going to a class reunion?! Oh, what a relief!

Whisper: That reminds me! I need to RSVP for my Yo-Kai 200th year reunion!

Nate: Anyway….this was such high drama for something as minor as that ring!

Whisper: Well this was a chance for you and Bear to become better friends!

Nate: Yeah, you’re right. I guess a good time was had by all.


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