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Xbox Series S Gets a Japanese Price Drop

Xbox Series S hasn’t gone up for pre-order yet in Japan, but Microsoft have already dropped the price.


The price has gone from 32,980 yen ($315) to 29,980 yen ($285). The reduction was made this morning, ahead of the company’s TGS show this afternoon. The Series X price has not been changed.

Prices do not include sales tax.

In a statement, Microsoft said: “Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd. will revise the domestic sales price of the Xbox Series S, which is scheduled to be released on November 10, 2020, from 32,980 yen (tax excluded) to 29,980 yen (tax excluded).

“The domestic sales price of Xbox Series X has not changed from 49,980 yen (excluding tax), and reservations for both products will start from September 25th.

“The Xbox Tokyo Game Showcase, which will be available today at 9 pm, will deliver the latest games, content from partners and players in Japan, and the latest information on services surrounding Xbox. Please watch it together.”

The Xbox Series X sold out almost immediately around the world, with pre-orders disappearing at Amazon UK within about 20 minutes.

But some disappointed gamers missed out on their next-gen purchase because of problems with websites crashing. Smyths and Game, the only places available for Microsoft’s All Access in the UK, both had issues before selling out of stock completely.

Xbox were forced to shut down rumours it would be announcing it had acquired Sega yesterday. After the rumour popped up again on 4Chan, leading to discussion on Neogaf and Reddit, Xbox took to Twitter to shut down the idea that the purchase would be announced at Tokyo Game Show.


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