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What your WoW Class says about you

WoW has always been distinguished for various innovations in the MMORPG genre. Compared to other games of this type, WoW has significantly reworked the classic class system typical of the MMO genre since the original release. Even those classes that were constantly encountered in other games began to be “played” in a new way thanks to the variety of available specializations.


Each new expansion significantly changed the game balance, brought new skills to classes, and changed existing ones. As a result, a unique class system was created in Shadow lands. In this text, we will help you find the right class and tell you how each choice can characterize your playstyle.

Main class roles 

Before choosing a class, you need to decide what role you want to play in the team. The types of roles in WoW are traditional: Damage Dealer, Healer, and Tank. This “trio” has long been known to all fans of the genre. Absolutely everything depends on the choice of the role: the speed and difficulty of leveling, a set of skills and abilities, the degree of dynamism of the game, as well as the tasks that you will perform during dungeons and raids. Choosing your role is the main choice of every player in WoW.

Damage Dealer or DPS is great for players who prefer to deal massive damage to their opponents and don’t think too hard about having to interact with teammates. Many players choose DPS as this class is best suited for solo leveling. Some members of this category have strong healing and protective abilities that allow them to survive even in the most difficult situations.

DPS specializations are best for those who want to create a twink as quickly as possible and not depend on others. The main problem for the Damage Dealers is huge queues in the dungeon-finder. Damage dealing spec is the most popular choice and there are so many DPS on any server that it is almost impossible to become somehow valuable for a team.

Healers are the exact opposite of the previous role. Their main task is not to take someone else’s life, but to support the life of their teammates. Healers have a wide range of different skills aimed at strengthening both themselves and their team. They support the HP of tanks and DD, resurrect the fallen during dungeons and raids, and buff the characteristics of characters with special spells.

Healers are a welcome guest on any team, and skilled healers are candidates for membership in the best guilds in the game. Healers are suitable for pacifist players, as well as those who like quick micromanagement and playing the role of a crucial team member.

Tanks are a special category of classes. Their task is to take the damage of absolutely all mobs in the dungeon or raid and prevent these mobs from attacking other team members. The survival of the entire team depends on the effectiveness of the tank, and their single mistake can lead to a wipe of the entire raid.

Tanks hold absolute control over the battlefield. Tanks are great for players who have leadership qualities and want to lead the team. Some types of tanks have several healing abilities that allow you to combine two roles at once – tanking and healing. Like the healers, the tank can quickly find a team in mythic+ dungeon-fighting, and the skill tank can quickly join the top guild.

Boosting in WoW

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One paragraph for one class 

After discussing the existing class roles, it’s time to finally figure out how each class feels in the game, what advantages and disadvantages it has, and what style of play it can offer.

Warrior – classic DPS choice for many players. They can put a buff on a full group, increasing their damage by 5%. Warrior is a bearer of a simple philosophy: become stronger – hit harder. Good choice for novice players. Specs: arms, fury, protection. Arms and fury warriors are great melee DPS specializations that are simple to learn and use in battle. Protection is a tank spec, not very popular among players, and not a recommended choice in Shadowlands.

Hunter – another classic choice for most of the players. It is a DPS-only class with range attacks and the ability to train various beasts. In Shadowlands, this class sets one of the records of damage on a single target. It is a very easy class to master for new players.

Mage – a DPS class with very good damage in Shadowlands. However, in comparison to previous classes, this one is harder to learn. You are required to constantly manage your mana points and learn various rotations.

Priest – a popular choice for many wanna-be healers. He is one of the best healers in the game right now. However, it is also one of the hardest classes to master in WoW. More than that, Shadowpriest is a very good DPS choice.

Paladin – a class that is suitable for various tasks. It is very easy to learn both the DPS spec and the Tank spec. In the opinion of many players, this is one of the best tanks in the retail version of WoW, as it also provides good healing for the party.


Rogue – in many terms a unique class with 3 DPS specs. Each one provides a player with a unique experience and a lot of interesting abilities to use. One of the specs, called Subtlety, brings not only invisibility but also the highest damage against a single target in the game.

Shaman – in Shadowlands this class has almost lost its popularity. It is very hard to unleash the potential of this class even for the most skillful players. It has a variety of buffing abilities to choose from and sometimes can be a good healer if used correctly.

Druid – druids have always been one of the most popular classes in the game thanks to the ability to use various beast forms. Druids in Shadowlands are stable damage-dealers and effective tanks. Good choice for players who love the atmosphere of union with nature.

Warlock – a hard to master yet one of the most effective damage dealers in Shadowlands. Its’ destruction spec can inflict huge amounts of damage on many targets at once.

Death Knight – one of two “heroic” classes in the game, warriors who have managed to get rid of Lich’s control. It starts from an 8 level and offers two melee DPS and one tank specialization. Death Knight is not the best choice in the game right now, yet it remains popular thanks to the unique story and atmosphere of the class.

Demon Hunter – a second heroic class. It used to be the best DPS in the game back in the Legion expansion. Its DPS spec offers unique gameplay that almost feels like a non-target battle system. It also has a tank spec that can be very effective in skillful hands.

Monk – an interesting yet very problematic class, available only for Pandarian players. It offers 3 specs, one for each role. Gameplay-wise this class has never been on the top positions in any of the roles. Yet it offers some interesting gameplay mechanics to learn and will be a good choice for fans of the Ancient China atmosphere.