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Voice of Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars Demo Impressions

During Thursday’s Nintendo Direct, Square Enix announced a couple of surprise games. One of them was Voice of Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars.  Footage of the game was shown off for the first time and it was announced that a demo was coming out after the Direct. I’ve now played the entire demo and want to share my thoughts on it.


Voice of Cards: The Dragon Roars is a video game that plays like a board game! You have cards for all of your people and items, a game piece to move around on a board, and another board that comes out when you get into a fight. Dice is even rolled! This is not your normal Square Enix RPG.

When Square announced Voice of Cards during Thursday’s Nintendo Direct, I didn’t think much of the game. I thought it looked okay but not for me. Still, I wasn’t going to pass up downloading a free demo.

So I got the Voice of Cards demo and decided to play it. Initially, I played it with the sound off late at night. And…

I loved it.

Voice of Cards is a really addictive game. I’ve never played D&D or any other rpg board game before. Voice of Cards just sucked me in though. I love how all the characters, ally and enemy, are cards. They are really well drawn cards. Items, treasure chests, scenery, menus, okay everything expect the game piece and the board(s) are a card. It all looks really nice too.

The gameplay involves moving a game piece forward, encountering random enemy attacks, going to a village, finding treasure, and more. Its like a regular video game RPG in some ways.

Battles are turn-based affairs. You use your attack cards to defeat enemies. There are item cards you can use to heal. Special gem stones give you the ability to use a limited amount of special attacks (basically they are MP). And dice is rolled sometimes to determine if you’ll get a better attack or not.


The demo introduces you to the gameplay, lets you fight some random battles, visit a town, and even go into a dungeon! Its a pretty good demo.

Control wise, the game has analog controls that work well and it has touch screen controls that work well too!

When I did turn the sound on, I thought it was a bit low in portable mode but the voice acting sounded good. I think the game plays well with the sound on or off.

Voice of Cards is unlike anything else I’ve played on the Nintendo Switch. It reminds me of a classic Square Enix RPG…expect with cards!

Oh and I should mention that there is a regular card game in Voice of Cards too. You can play it at a Game Parlor and once you play it, it’ll be unlocked via the main menu. You can play single player or play with someone else who has the demo locally via the main menu. I didn’t get to try out the multiplayer but the single player is pretty good. The card game is almost as addictive as the actual game.


Now that I’ve played the demo, I’m pretty excited for Voice of Cards! Thanks for giving us all a demo Square Enix. If you haven’t tried this game out and you are a Square Enix RPG fan, of any kind, you should give it a go. I don’t think rpg fans are going to want to miss this one.

Voice of Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars comes out on October 28th for the Nintendo Switch and other systems. The demo is available now!


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