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Nintendo Direct This Wednesday, September 13th

Nintendo announced a new Direct for this Wednesday. We have the details and speculation on what will be shown below.


There will be a Nintendo Direct this Wednesday, September 13th, 2017. The Direct will focus on games “headed to Nintendo Switch and 3DS over the next few months”, according to Nintendo. They also said there will be some “new details about Super Mario Odyssey.”

The Nintendo Direct will last 45 minutes!

What else will be shown during this Direct? We don’t know! So lets speculate a bit:

Metroid: Samus Returns: The new Metroid for 3DS comes out this Friday. I would be surprised if Nintendo didn’t at least have a trailer or spotlight on this game.

Kirby 3DS: There is supposed to new Kirby game coming to the 3DS this winter. I would say that if the game isn’t shown during this direct than its unlikely that the game will come out this year.

Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga remake: I think we’ll see more of this game shown off since its coming out next month. Not sure what else there is to show but maybe there are some more surprises with this game.

Dragon Quest 11: This one is a long shot. I’d love to see Dragon Quest 11 for 3DS officially announced and shown off during this Direct. But since Nintendo said that the direct will focus on games for “the next few months” Dragon Quest 11 seems unlikely┬ásince it’ll be a 2018 release for sure. That said, Nintendo isn’t above throwing us some surprises…

3DS surprises: I never rule out Nintendo surprising us with an unexpected game announcement. This Direct is 45 minutes long and so there are bound to be some surprises.

Skyrim: Nintendo recently opened up a website for Skyrim for the Nintendo Switch. I think we’ll see this game during Direct and learn more about it.

LA Noire: This game was recently announced for Nintendo Switch for November. I think we’ll get some footage of it running on the Switch. I wonder if it’ll have any cool Switch specific features (amiibo?!)

Zelda DLC: We may or may not see Nintendo talk about the Zelda DLC that’s coming this holiday season. They may not be ready to talk about it yet and so I wouldn’t be surprised if the DLC gets left for another video.

Fire Emblem Warriors: With this game coming up fast, I’d be shocked if it wasn’t shown off. Maybe some new characters and modes will be revealed!

Xenoblade 2: We still don’t have a date for this game. If its coming this year, I would think this would be the Direct where we’d get a release date. If its not coming this year, they may announce a delay for the game during this.

Indie games: Yes, I realize we just had an indie spotlight last month, but with games like Steamworld Dig 2 and Golf Story around the corner, I doubt Nintendo would pass up the chance to show them again.

Switch surprises: Just because the Direct is focused on games for this year doesn’t mean Nintendo won’t throw in a 2018 surprise (or two). What do I hope to see? Animal Crossing. Of course, I’m always hoping for Animal Crossing…

As I said earlier, this is all just speculation. Nintendo might show all these titles or they might show just some of them. I think is going to be a great Nintendo Direct! 45 minutes long?! I’m ready! Roll on Wednesday.


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