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Manage Your Gaming Profile with SmartWindows

Are you a gamer and struggling with managing your profiles in Windows 10?

Windows 10 is considered a great operating system for gamers. It fully supports native games, Xbox One streaming, and retro tiles. However, you still need to make it more optimized that suits your game’s requirements. Not only this, but you also need to make improvements to your profile in such a way that the work and entertainment-related activities could be separated. SmartWindows is one productivity software to empower your gaming environment and presets.


When your work and gaming go side by side, it becomes very challenging to manage the data, files, desktop apps, browsers, etc. efficiently. SmartWindows addresses this issue and allows you to create a dedicated profile for gaming.

Multiple Browser Support

SmartWindows supports multiple browsers and tabs. It helps opening closed tabs with just one click. No matter how many browsers you are using at the same time, you can restore one or many closed windows automatically. You do not need to remember the tab restoration steps of each browser but SmartWindows allows you to automatically open multiple browsers and their respective URLs with a single click.

So if you are using browsers to check out the gaming hacks and tricks, you do not need to be worried about remembering the tutorials and YouTube videos. SmartWindows keeps the browser history and will open all the closed tabs for you.

Optimized Windows 10 Performance

SmartWindows allows you to create unlimited profiles and up to 6 displays. Each profile/display could be used to create separate work zones. Accumulation of multiple desktop apps and browsers in one profile can affect the performance of your PC. Instead, you can create a separate profile for gaming. You can open the required apps there and this will help optimize the performance of your Windows 10 which is a requirement for a seamless gaming environment.

Intelligent Positioning of Gaming Apps

How much time do you spend every day arranging your gaming apps on screen?

Empower your Windows 10 with SmartWindows as it remembers the window size of each app and its display position on the screen. Now you do not need to manually adjust the Windows 10 window position of each app.

SmartWindows remembers it all and restores the apps with a single click. Along with the gaming apps, a gamer usually uses some apps such as WeGamers, GamerLink, PLINK, etc. to invite friends to games. So instead of opening all the apps manually every time you are going to play games, auto-restore them with a single click using SmartWindows.

Support for Multiple Displays

Most often, gamers need multiple screens where they could open that on one screen, gaming on one screen, and recording the game on the third one. With this multiple monitor setup, you do not need to make excessive switches from chat to start recording and pausing recording to switching to the gaming app. When multiple screens are used based on purpose, it becomes very convenient for the game.


SmartWindows gives support to up to 6 displays. With just one license, you can arrange and restore the apps on six displays. On each display you will get the following features:

  • Multi-browser and multi-tab support to save URLs and tab history.
  • Auto-arrangement of apps with the same window size and the display position of apps on the screen.
  • Auto-restoration of one or many apps with one click.
  • Multiple displays and unlimited profiles support.

Separate Entertainment and Work Zones

One of the best features of SmartWindows for gamers is that it allows you to separately manage your work and entertainment zones. Create separate profiles to manage your work and entertainment-related activities. For instance, if you want to study, manage projects, write, game, or code, on the same profile, it becomes very challenging to manage the data, files, browser URLs, extensions, apps, etc.

The best solution to avoid mess and work/game efficiently is to create separate profiles for both. This will not only eliminate the headache of looking up files you need immediately but also help you with the robust performance of your Windows 10.

How SmartWindows Supports Gamers?

Leverage the power of technology and productivity apps to boost your mood and skills. So game like a champion by making technology a core part of your everyday life. SmartWindows is one productivity software that fully supports gamers by allowing them to create a customized gaming zone.

Open, arrange and adjust the apps on your gaming profile and save its screen configuration. Once the zone is saved, you can restore it any time without spending time on the arrangement of apps from scratch.

Benefits of using SmartWindows

The following are some benefits of using SmartWindows.

  • It allows you to increase productivity at work.
  • It eliminates the need to manually open the applications you use on a regular basis.
  • It empowers your Windows 10 by automatically restoring the apps at your desired display position on the screen.
  • It makes switching between the apps easy with its multiple display support for Windows 10 users.
  • It saves the time you spend every day opening and arranging apps on the desktop screen.
  • It allows you to create separate work zones for gaming and work to avoid messing up the files and data of one profile to the other.
  • It helps you use multiple browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.
  • Create unlimited profiles for different users at home. Make profiles for study, work, and entertainment separately to efficiently manage all zones.

SmartWindows gives more power to your Windows 10 and allows you to auto-arrange, auto-restore, and position all the gaming apps with a click.

So what are you waiting for?

Make your Windows 10 smarter with SmartWindows!