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Madden NFL Football – Why its a great game

The Madden NFL Football series has been one of the most popular since its first release in 1988 by EA Sports. Since then it has become a cultural phenomenon throughout the world with fans waiting year-round for its annual release. But what is the source of Madden’s great appeal and fandom that’s made it the most popular sports game series ever?


It all starts with its authenticity. The creators of Madden put the time in to assess every player from every team each year to build out their profile for that year’s release. Players’ profiles are adjusted accordingly each year depending on performance. The game even goes as far as equating players’ 40 yard dash times into consideration with players like BreshadPerriman on the Ravens who ran his 40 yard dash in 4.23 seconds, and making him one of the fastest receivers in the game. This kind of consistency and authenticity can be seen throughout the game.

Now that our video game systems are connected to the internet, EA Sports is able to issue updates to stay current with the league, like if a player gets injured or traded. It’s that kind of realistic integrity of the game that keeps fans lining up every year.

Beyond the game being up-to-date and reflecting the current landscape of the NFL and its players, it also has some of the best graphics of any sports video game. The Madden team has increased their level of attention to detail over the years as their product has exponentially grown in popularity. The players look more real than ever, and the 3D programmers who devote their time to making the players seem as life-like as possible are some of the best in the business of video game development.


In addition to the players and coaches looking realistic in the game, the gameplay itself is extremely real, as well. For anyone with inside knowledge of football and how it is schemed, they possess a distinct advantage in the game as it’s modeled after actual schemes and plays used in actual NFL games. Being able to read coverages and schemes will enable you to take advantage of your opponent’s weaknesses and exploit them. And for those who aren’t familiar with the technical side of football, Madden is a great way to learn some of the complex nuances of the game of football.

Today, Madden is the best video game for NFL fans around the world. It enables you to build your own team or play as your own favorite team, as well as manage and develop your own talent. Its popularity has grown over the last decade with no signs of slowing down, and will continue to do so because it’s the most realistic, authentic, and entertaining NFL video game ever created.