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Kitaria Fables is an Outstanding Blend of Farming and RPG

When Kitaria Fables was originally announced, I had paid very close attention to the development. After all, if you’ve read my stuff here on GamesReviews or my streams on YouTube, you know that these types of games are my bread and butter. Whether it’s Story of Seasons or Garden Story, anything that mixes farming and role playing mechanics is almost an instant win in my opinion. And while Kitaria Fables has some faults, it is still a fantastic experience that shouldn’t be missed!


Kitaria Fables is better demonstrated than written about, in my opinion. You can check out my first commentated episode below, or the 10.5 hour long commentary free video at the bottom of the article. My commentary throughout definitely highlights my feelings on the game, but let’s expand on that a bit here.

In terms of farming versus RPG mechanics, the game does lean heavily on the latter. The majority of my time in the game was questing and defeating monsters to obtain resources that I needed to better equip my cat for future adventures. The farming was mostly done to satisfy side quests from the adorable Kiki, or for earning enough coin to purchase the very expensive gear available in the game. It was necessary enough to take up a good amount of my time each day, but not too overwhelming that I felt like there was little time to explore the world.


And what a gorgeous world it is. The areas you explore are fantastic, and the creatures themselves unique and difficult to tackle. One-on-one, I would say the combat is pretty simple. Lure a few enemies to yourself, however, and things get crazy….fast. And so a strategy began to emerge. Lure harder enemies away from the pack with a well placed bow shot, giving you the chance to take that foe down with relative ease. The area their attack will and is shown to you second before they attack, allowing you to role out of the way to land a few more blows yourself. It’s simplistic, but yet very enjoyable. When you die, your day will end, but all other progress stays in tact.


But Kitaria is not all roses. While the story telling is actually pretty great – you unravel why the Empire has such a hold on the area, and what they are hiding from you – it’s the game play mechanics that could ultimately wear you down. The game has a TON of areas, none of which are particularly large. This means traveling between each results in a load time, which seems unnecessary in 2021. Then there is the issue of fast traveling – while a few fast travel points are situated around the world, some are one-way-only options, meaning you spend a ton of time back tracking and walking…and time is money. Finally, the game doesn’t pause when you enter menus, which can be incredibly frustrating to deal with, especially when enemies are nearby!

Still, these are minor gripes, and if you can get past a few too many load times, you’ll have lots to enjoy here. The combat mechanics are strong, farming is adequate – with upgradable tools just like upgradeable weapons – and so much more! For fans of farming and RPGs, Kitaria Fables moulds both together nicely in a cute, albeit not perfect, package.


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