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How to Slide Cancel in Call of Duty: Warzone

Slide cancelling is the latest trend for talented players who are now using it to dominate. It is an advanced technique where you control your character to slow down,  stop, and remain crouched. Slide cancelling aims for a player to sustain the highest speed, rise, and sprint again within a single simultaneous movement. This guide will explain how and when to slide cancel in the Call of Duty: Warzone game using a mouse, keyboard, or controller.

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When to Slide Cancel

The slide cancel strategy in the Call of Duty: Warzone has been designed for various situations. First, you can use this technique to maintain an infinite tactical sprint, an enhanced version of the available sprint. By double-clicking the sprint button, you switch to the tactical sprint, which gives your character a faster motion than the normal sprint. Players mainly use tactical sprint within short bursts, and there is a cooldown interval before you can use it again. The advantage of slide cancelling is that it ignores this cooldown so that you maintain a higher speed for a longer period.

Another instance when you can slide cancel is when you want to outdo your opponents during gunfights. The strategy will give you more power to shoot down your enemies at close range while making you a harder target in open fields for even the toughest snipers. When you move your character slowly around a corner, your enemies see you as a predictable target that is easy to hit.

All you need to do is slide cancel when you get to a corner. Slide cancel immediately accelerates your character, making it difficult for enemies to track your quick motion. To confuse your opponents further, you can trigger a jump at the end of the slide cancel to make your character more unpredictable.

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How to Slide Cancel on a Controller

If you have a console, you definitely have a set of controls to play the Warzone game.

  1. Switch to the tactical sprint by double-tapping the left analogue stick.
  2. Hit the circle/B button, which represents the crouch button. This step is the beginning of sliding.
  3. As the slide animation starts, hit the crouch button once more, and the slide will be cancelled.
  4. By pressing the A or jump button, your character stands back up.

How to Slide Cancel on Mouse and Keyboard

While playing on your PC, you can follow the same sequence as the one on your console. Ensure that the crouch is bound to the left Control while the sprint is bound to the left Shift.

  1. Switch to the tactical sprint by double-tapping the left Shift key.
  2. To launch the sliding feature, hit the left Control
  3. Immediately the slide animation starts, cancel the slide using the left Control key
  4. Click the spacebar (jump button) to stand back up
  5. Repeat this process for your character to gain movement.

Best Slide Cancel Settings

To have the best experience with the slide cancel feature, you can make a few changes to your settings. For instance, you can slide cancel without necessarily removing your thumb from the right stick, meaning you can swap the crouch button from the Circle/B onto R3/RS. If your game controller is built with paddles, you can bind the jump button to one of them so that you maintain your thumb on the aim stick.