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How does esports affect modern society?

Video game competitions have become not only a large-scale entertainment of our time, but also the engine of the economy.


Esports events are constantly attracting the attention of the public, which is confirmed by Dota 2 betting on progamestars, for example, as well as dedicated fan communities on the Internet. At the beginning of 2022, the army of their fans exceeded 450 million people on the globe with an increase in this figure of 22% annually.

Cybersportsmen have an increased reaction, developed fine motor skills, logical, analytical thinking. At the same time, they train both memory and imagination. Exercise and competition creates a certain level of stress, but with the right approach, it does not turn into harmful distress.

The turnover of the esports industry last year amounted to almost a billion US dollars, with 60% coming from sponsorships and media rights. The marketing potential of esports is great: streaming, branding, storytelling (creating stories) give a chance to advertise both computers and other product groups. Famous brands like Toyota or Nike are actively promoting the development of e-sports. It acts as a way of distributing finances and is interested in:

  • specialized agencies;
  • construction companies.

Show for the mind

However, esports is important not only for business, but also for the social sphere: it helps young people to find their calling, to avoid the bad influence of the street. Progamers build a successful career, make good money and fulfil themselves. According to psychologists, passion for games can improve self-discipline and control, slow down the age-related decline in intellectual abilities.

Professional gamers often donate some of their prizes to charity, they become “stars” for the younger generation. The esports subculture has its own paraphernalia, slang and values. It rallies by interests around individual game genres: shooters, strategies, simulations. The spectacle and dynamism of competitions in eSports arenas and on the web makes them so interesting for the audience.

Pledge of technical progress

For investors, esports is a relatively “young” phenomenon, so they are still timidly, but still investing in esports facilities, Internet services and devices. By the way, it is thanks to eSports that laptops with powerful processors and capacious hard drives have appeared, guaranteeing high performance.

The developments of well-known corporations that produce electronics, devices and gadgets owe new discoveries to esport, in particular, this also applies to virtual reality technologies.