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From Table To Tablet: The Changing Face of Gambling

In the bad old days, you had to travel to gamble. Thankfully those days are long gone and you’re today able to gamble however you want from anywhere in the world on your tablet. 


Thanks to the rise of mobile phones and tablets, you can access a casino anywhere in the world. Gone are the days where you had to travel to enjoy your favourite games. This has resulted in a massive boom for the gambling industry.

But other than the volume of cash that such a big change has brought about, how else has the industry transformed over the last few years?

From Table to Tablet

Twenty years ago, you could play tabletop casino games at a casino or at home with one of those children’s play sets. One was fun and exciting, the other was a little bit sad (if you were above the age of about 12).


That all changed with the release of the iPhone. Suddenly online casinos, which were still only small business, really took off. Today there are hundreds of websites offering up free table games which you can enjoy to your heart’s content, with or without varying degrees of risk.

This has all been brought into a finer focus because of coronavirus and the amount of time we’ve been spending at home. Even those die-hards who love to go to bingo halls and casinos found themselves logging into websites for the first time during the pandemic.

This was proven by rising figures online. Bingo – a game that was all but dead a few years ago – is more popular than ever. eSports have taken on a new life of their own. It is unreal how popular these things have gotten.

And yet, at their heart, the games have stayed the same. There’s still a focus on chance, on taking smart risks and hopefully coming up victorious. That speaks volumes to people. That’s true whether it’s online or in person.

Whether these games will remain as popular going forward has yet to be seen. But time will tell.

Gambling Online

It helps that many of these old games suit the app format quite well. You’re not playing some complicated video game with loads of controls to remember. Most of what you need to know happens behind the scenes. The player interaction is still important, but by how much varies from game to game.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t varying degrees of difficulty. Actually, you can push the odds against yourself as much as you’d like, finding more challenging games if that suits.

The changes happening within the gambling world has allowed this to happen. You are no longer glued to the demands of your local casino or bookies. Instead you have the power to shop around. You can choose the games that are best for you. That is never a bad thing.

And in the coming years and decades, the industry will continue to change. Laws will be made more open, technologies will develop, and the modern gambler will have more choice than ever before.


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