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FIFA 22 Tutorial is Outstanding

When a tutorial is required, either for new players or because a new concept has been introduce into a game, so often companies use the most boring way to show off the new mechanic, or teach the controls. EA Sports has tried to do away with that type of crap, and instead have created a fantastic short story experience that walks players through the basics of running, passing, shooting and more, all set on the streets of Paris, and in the famous stadium of PSG!


The short story begins along one of the many side streets in Paris, with David Beckham having his morning coffee in a hotel room. Next door, your character snoozes away, missing alarms and phone calls – it’s an important day for you, because you will be training on the pitch of the mighty PSG!

After getting out of bed and picking one of three outfits to wear, you’ll head down to the streets where you will meet the person setting this all up for you. She runs with you through the streets of Paris towards the metro station, allowing you to finish tutorials as you go. You’ll learn to job and sprint, handle and pass the ball, and more. Once you’ve made your way through Paris, you’ll arrive at the PSG pitch, where Henry and Mbappe are ready to teach you a few more things, primarily shooting and strategic play.

The tutorial winds down with you picking out a new suit from a plethora of options before sitting the in the Club Box for a match between PSG and Chelsea in the Champions League. At this point, players control PSG, select their desired difficulty, and play and entire match, using all the tips they’ve learned along the way.

This tutorial that EA Sports created for FIFA 22 is outstanding – while I knew I was learning the basics, it still felt exciting and fresh, as I anticipated what might come next, or what cameo I might get to enjoy! Either way, I hope this happens more in EA Sports titles going forward!


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