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Exciting Games With a Small Learning Curve

Gaming has gone through an incredible journey over the last few decades. With technology advancing rapidly, video games have become more widely available and have undergone some massive improvements on all fronts.

While this can be a great thing, for casual gamers looking to kill some time and blow off steam, the complexity and skill level many games require can be a bit much. Competitiveness in games is becoming more and more of a common theme, so if you’re looking for a chill game to pass the time, here are a few suggestions you can try.

Online Slots

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to keep things simple, and luckily, there are plenty of options out there. Slots are casino classics that people can’t help but love. They’re fast-paced, packed with action, yet they don’t require a lot of effort.

With online casinos becoming more and more popular by the day, players can find a wide variety of entertaining slot games in their game collection. Slots are available everywhere, so you can even make online casino PayPal payments if needed. Having this option makes access to them a bit easier, and might even lead to a few special boosts!

Pokémon GO

PC and console games are usually the ones that come with a steep learning curve, so a simple solution to finding easy-to-play games is heading to mobile. Pokémon GO is an excellent example of an entertaining game that doesn’t take long to master.


The popular AR game brings some of our childhood favorites to life and gives us a chance to see them scattered around the real world! The AR aspects of the game might be a bit confusing at first, but you should be on your way to becoming a Pokémon master in no time if you stick with it!

The Sims

There’s nothing more intoxicating than feeling like a god, and with The Sims, that’s exactly the kind of power the player gets. This series of life simulation games have become extremely popular throughout the years and can be a blast to mess around with.

Players have the option to build cities, create characters, and follow them around as they control how their lives play out. The games are easy to master and feel very intuitive. You should have no problem creating a whole new world and ruling over it in whatever way you please.


Life is Strange became an instant classic for a lot of players around the globe. The interactive story game is extremely plot-driven, so the developers decided to keep the gameplay mechanics simple.

Players can follow the two main characters as they try and solve a mystery in their quaint little town without any issues, as the game is packed with tutorials and helpful tips. What’s more, players are given the option to rewind time and redo game sequences if they feel like they’ve messed up along the way. As an additional plus, you can also pick up its equally beloved sequel!