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Eastward Arrives Soon for the Nintendo Switch

Chucklefish, the publisher of Stardew Valley and Wargroove, has a new game coming out soon for the Nintendo Swtich! The game is called Eastward! Check out the trailer and more information on the game below.

Eastward is coming to the Nintendo Switch eshop on September 16th! Thats this coming week!

What makes Eastward so special?

First of all, the game is from the publisher of Stardew Valley and Wargroove: Chucklefish. They are known for high quality games.

Second of all? Its set in a world full of monsters and weird things. You’ll find yourself traveling via a rail road exploring different towns, camps and forests. The game isn’t cozy like Stardew Valley. You better have a weapon handy!

On the eshop its mentioned that you can have a “gun, flamethrower or …trusty ol’ frying pan.”

There are two characters to switch between John or Sam, puzzles to solve and dungeons to explore.

Plus! You can create meals in this game too! Sounds like it’ll be quirky like the rest of the game too. You create “deliciously authentic Eastwardian cusine using (mostly) fresh organic ingredients from toxic forest, infested mines and abandoned malls.”

Eastward has a really nice pixalated art style. It looks like its going to be a good game!

What do you think of Eastward? Will you pick it up on September 16th?


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