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Beacon Pines

Beacon Pines is a unique Adventure game for the Nintendo Switch. Its very focused on its story and the power of words. Is it a good game? Should you check it out? Here is a review of Beacon Pines for the Nintendo Switch!


Story and Gameplay

Welcome to Beacon Pines. This small town is very cozy and welcoming. Its inhabitants, all animals, seemingly live together in peace and harmony. So it seems in any case, though Luka might not agree with you. Yes, he has his friends and his grandma, but his father died and his mother is missing. Not only that, but something strange is happening in the local warehouse and a dark secret haunts the town. Luka and his friends decide to investigate the mystery…

And that’s all I’ll tell you about the story! Well, one more thing. Beacon Pines is narrated and take places in a book. The book opens at the beginning of the story and throughout the story you’ll see words on the page. As Luka, you’ll find words too. The words you find will be used to make big choices that’ll effect the direction of the story.

There are a lot of directions that the story can take. Most of them lead to bad endings. You’ll eventually find the best ending if you keep trying. The multiple endings of Beacon Pines don’t get frustrating because even when you fail to find a happy ending, you’ll find words that’ll drive you down a different path. All the paths are interesting, even when they dead end!

Beacon Pines is very story focused and luckily, the game’s story is extremely good. The gameplay involves exploration and word choices. There is no combat and the puzzle solving is only through your word choice. Beacon Pines is a different kind of Adventure game; it’s a wonderful experience. It very cute too.


Graphics and Sound

Beacon Pines has an excellent graphics. Each of the places you visit in the game feel like they were ripped from a Winnie the Pooh cartoon that R.L. Stine wrote! The game looks cute but also can feel very spooky at times. It has excellent voiced narration too! Its too bad the rest of the characters in the game are not voiced.

Overall, Beacon Pines is a different type of game: an adventure that puts the focus on the story and the power of words. It’s a great game!



Beacon Pines is a unique experience for the Nintendo Switch. Fans of the adventure genre and fans of a good story will absolutely want to check this game out. Beacon Pines is a great addition to the Nintendo Switch library!

Beacon Pines gets an 9.0 out of 10.

Thank you to Hiding Spot Games for providing a digital code for this game. Beacon Pines is now available for the Nintendo Switch eshop!


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