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Animal Crossing New Horizons Fall Update Thoughts

Nintendo revealed the Fall update for Animal Crossing New Horizons today. Check out the video below for the reveal and then please come back here for some thoughts on the update!

The Animal Crossing New Horizons Fall Update has been revealed!

Jack, the Pumpkin king, will be coming back next month as expected. However there are some cool new things that we didn’t expect…

For instance, beginning next month you’ll be able to grow pumpkins! Thats right, we are getting some Harvest Moon in our Animal Crossing. We can grow pumpkins and then use them to create new recipes.

This is so cool. I had no idea what I’d think if we ever grew things, like Harvest Moon, in Animal Crossing. And my first thought was “Awesome!”. I love Halloween and its going to be amazing to have a pumpkin patch in my town (I need to start thinking about where I’ll put it).

Also, it looks like you can create a lot of cool pumpkin decorations to put in your town.

Thats not all though. The update will also give us Halloween costumes, new skin colors and new eye colors. We can really dress up for Halloween. It looks the animals get in on the fun too.

Of course, Halloween in Animal Crossing wouldn’t be complete without buying candy for the pumpkin king and thats being added too. Halloween night looks like a blast!

Nintendo also mentioned that they will be updating the cellphone Nook app with so that you can use AC emotions from it. I won’t be using the app but I’m sure it’ll be handy for those who want it.

Overall, the Fall update looks awesome. I’m pretty sure Nintendo didn’t show everything that the update has. I’m sure there are many costumes and smaller things that they did not show. They definitely didn’t show all the pumpkin recipes.

I’m pretty excited for this update. We can all download it on September 30, 2020.

And in late November, another update will be coming and it’ll add the Harvest and Toy Day events!

UPDATE: Nintendo of America announced that players that update Animal Crossing New Horizons for the Fall will receive an in-game item. And that item is…a Ring Con from Ring Fit Adventure! I’m not a Ring Fit fan but yeah, I still think this is neat:


Are you looking forward to the Fall update? Where will you put your pumpkin patch?


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