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Wordsweeper by POWGI

By now, it should be no surprise to regular readers of that I enjoy Word games. I especially enjoy the Word games that Lightwood Games put out. And so when a new Word game by this wonderful developer comes out, I find that I must review it. Wordsweeper by POWGI is coming out this week! Is it another good game from Lightwood Games?


Wordsweeper by POWGI is a hard game to explain. The in-game tutorial doesn’t do a good job of the explaining the game. Can I explain the game here? Well…no. Not without confusing all of you badly…

Without a doubt, Wordsweeper is a game you have to play to figure out. If you like word games and puzzles, then once you figure this one out you’ll be addicted to it. Wordsweeper is a really well designed take on the word game genre.

Its only faults, other than a not-so great tutorial, is that its menu system and music are exactly what we’ve seen in previous POWGI games. The menu especially looks a lot like the one in Word Wheel by POWGI, the game Lightwood previously brought to the Switch. Its very plain and very boring. As always, I’m glad you can turn the music off.

Meanwhile, Wordsweeper’s controls are better than Word Wheels. The touch screen interface works really well and even lets you undo, clear, pause, and go back to the main menu! I found that using a combination of the touch screen, for the puzzle, and the analog/buttons for undoing/etc worked best though.

Overall, Wordsweeper by POWGI is a great game. Yes, its music and menu could be better, but the puzzles and controls are excellent. If you love word games, then this is definitly one to check out. I just wish I was able to explain the game.

Wordsweeper by POWGI gets an 8.5 out of 10.

Thanks to Lightwood Games for providing a digital code for this review. Wordsweeper by POWGI will be available tomorrow on the Nintendo Switch eshop!


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