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Three Unusual Ways to Pay for Gambling

In this modern world, the days of putting actual physical coins into a machine feel long, long gone. We’re used to instant pay using credit cards and Paypal, next-day delivery and 24/7 customer support. And with all that, we always expect to be able to pay in ways that are easy and convenient. That’s true in gambling, too.


The good news is that casinos are quick to keep up with changing trends, and there are no endless ways of paying for your gambling. There are even a few that might surprise you.

And so, with convenience being king, we decided to take a look at some of the more interesting choices…

Play Now, Pay Later

There are now casinos that allow you to pay for your deposits at a later date, just like with household items. These allow players to play today, and pay tomorrow, delaying the need to put up the cash until it’s more convenient.

Online casino afterpay can be a great way of continuing to gamble without the need to put up a deposit before you’re ready. Payment apps like Klarna allow for this.

Naturally, this should be used responsibly. You need to pay for your gambling whether you do it today or later.

But for some, in certain situations, this could be extremely helpful.


The latest way of paying is cryptocurrency, and it’s getting extremely popular. With every passing day, casinos are offering up more and more ways to play with cryptocurrency. There are some around the world that allow you to win cryptocurrency too.

Of course, money is money. Whether it’s coming out your bank account or your Bitcoin wallet, you’re still paying with real currency.

But the option to pay up in a way that’s convenient to you should never be overlooked.

If you win big at a BitCoin casino, you have to make allowances for that. You should only do this if you’re absolutely sure how it all works – and how to keep it safe.

Wire Transfer

It might not seem like the most modern of methods, but wire transfer is still very popular. That’s especially true if you’re making big deposits or withdrawals.

There are some downsides. With the old-fashioned way of doing things, there comes some old-fashioned problems. There are transaction fees, although they’re usually quite small. It’s not always the quickest method, and some US banks don’t accept wire transfers to online casinos. Mileage is going to vary, and you should look into whether this method will work for you.

Naturally it’s a bit more involved than just using a credit card or hopping on PayPal, but it’s a gambling tradition that still has its uses in today’s world.

Three Unusual Ways to Pay for Gambling – Conclusion

Nine times out of ten, you might as well just grab a debit or credit card and do what you have to do. It makes it easier to keep track of things, and it’s usually safe enough too.

But sometimes there are unusual circumstances that require you to think outside the box. For those times, there are often options that’ll allow you to continue to gamble with an alternative method of payment.


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