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More Thoughts From Me #28: Guarding Star Fox

I remember seeing Star Fox Guard back when it was just an untitled camera switching game at E3. I didn’t think it was very impressive and wasn’t sure if it was even really a game. Flash forward to the Star Fox Guard reveal from Nintendo. I still wasn’t very impressed by the game. There didn’t look to be much to it. But I couldn’t help wanting to try the game sooner or later. Nintendo gave us a demo of Star Fox Guard recently, I downloaded it and gave the game a try. What do I think of Star Fox Guard now? Let me tell you.


I didn’t care for Star Fox Zero. Don’t get me wrong, its not a totally bad game, but the gyro controls didn’t work very well and made the game less fun than it should’ve been. I only rented Star Fox Zero and Star Fox Guard was being rented by itself. I thought I’d never get to play Star Fox Guard because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to rent the game. Then Nintendo released a demo of Star Fox Guard and…I actually liked it!

Star Fox Guard is basically a tower defense game. I’ve never been much into tower defense games, but I think Guard might be the best one I’ve ever played. I like how you have multiple cameras on the tv screen and you can change those cameras placement via the gamepad. The toughest thing about Star Fox Guard is that you have to focus on two screens almost all the time. The gamepad will give you clues to where the robots are and so will the tv. You have to find the robots and shoot them before them reach the center of your base! Sounds simple, but it gets a lot harder as you go.

One of my favorite things about Guard is that the cameras are on the tv so, if you have a friend or family member looking on, someone else can help you spot a robot sneaking by. I had this happen one time and it was the time when I did the best in the game. I would definitely recommend getting the help of friends or family members for this game. As I said before, the game gets much harder as you go. In fact, I got to a part in the demo where I’m stuck now, but I still really like the game.

Will I ever buy Star Fox Guard? Well, since the game is available as a stand alone on the Wii U eshop, I might do that one day. I want to see if I can get past the part where I’m stuck in the demo. I think I should recruit my dad when I take on that mission again! I will be playing the demo again for sure. I hear it calling my name right now in fact…

Have you played Star Guard? Did you like it? Let us know in the comments.

Next week: Let’s go golfing with Mario! Yes, I’m a Mario Golf fan. Why? I’ll try to figure it out in next weeks column.

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