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Playmobil and Star Trek – A Match Made in…the Enterprise?

Popular toy manufacturer Playmobil is launching more unique and exclusive sets for young and old alike, and it’s probably not something you saw coming. The title gives it away, so no need to bury anything – it’s a Playmobil Enterprise, complete with crew, for your playing and displaying pleasures!


From Playmobil,

The limited release PLAYMOBIL Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 model is an epic 1-metre-long Constitution-class vessel that comes with a plethora of details that are truly out of this world. The legendary ship from the world-famous franchise features lights, sounds, and plenty of technical features (more of these details to be revealed!). It also includes a specially designed mounting to ensure it can be displayed in the best possible way to receive the attention it rightfully deserves.

Who doesn’t want a Star Trek and Playmobil crossover, right? In fact, anytime Star Trek touches a toy company, magic happens, whether it’s action figures, diecast toys, and likely yes…even Playmobil! Here is a bit more from the release:

The 70548 Star Trek – U.S.S. Enterprise sees the Star Trek universe joining forces with one of Germany’s iconic greats: PLAYMOBIL. For a long time now, PLAYMOBIL hasn’t just been an integral part of children’s play, it has also increasingly expanded to include themes that are popular with adult fans too. This Star Trek licence cooperation, and the first PLAYMOBIL model of the Enterprise, is all about authentic details and numerous features to inspire fans: the 1-metre-long Constitution-class vessel is the pride of Starfleet, and comes with plenty of mesmerising details… but more about these will be revealed soon!
The specially designed mounting will help to make sure this legendary ship is presented in the best possible way. Lights, sounds and other technical features are included alongside a unique AR tie-in app, which will expand this authentically detailed Star Trek experience much further than just the physical product. The ship comes with a total of seven crew members from the original cast, which all fit perfectly into their traditional places on the bridge. Plus, the Enterprise ship isn’t the only thing that’s a PLAYMOBIL first: Mr. Spock is the first figure in PLAYMOBIL history, dating all the way back to 1974, to have (Vulcan) ears!

We’ve reached out to the company to see about a review here on the site, so keep your eyes peeled for some Playmobil goodness!


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