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Nintendo Treehouse: Live | August 2022 (Video)

Earlier today, Nintendo aired a new Treehouse Live. It talked about Splatoon 3 and Square Enix’s Harvestella. You can find the video below along with our thoughts on both games!

Splatoon 3 was the big focus of today’s Treehouse Live. First off, more of the story mode was shown. The hub world of Splatoon 3’s story looked pretty neat. The levels themselves look bigger than the ones found in Splatoon 2. Its great to see a story mode included with Splatoon 3 right away.

Also, the new lobby along with weapons and some of the multiplayer stages were shown off. I really love the new Splatana weapon. Its looks so cool. The lobby looks like it’ll be an excellent area to practice all your moves.

The locker room was shown off too and it looked pretty cool.

Btw, the Splatoon 3 demo is now playable. You can’t go into multiplayer mode until Saturday but you can check out the main hub and vote for your Spatfest pick of rock, paper, or scissors! You’ll also find plenty of artwork from players displayed too.

The Splatoon 3 demo starts 11am central and goes till 11pm central. You can take part in Turf War from 11am till 5pm and then the Tricolor Turf Wars will be available from 5pm till 11pm.

Splatoon 3 will be out on September 9th!

Let’s not forget though that Harvestella was shown during the Treehouse Live too. This game looks really great. We were shown some of the story of Harvestella along with the farming and some fishing.

The game’s graphics are amazing. The gameplay looks fun too. I’m especially excited for the fishing and farming. The combat does look good. It has a job system too.

Harvestella is coming out November 4th!

What did you think of the Nintendo Treehouse Live? Are you looking forward to Splatoon 3 and Harvestella?


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