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New PDP Pull-N-Go Cases Available Now – Tom Nook, Mario & Link

A few weeks ago, we took a look at the Performance Design Products (PDP) Pull-N-Go storage and travel case which allows folks to store their dock, cables, switch, and more in a two part case. The bottom half will hold your dock and cables, along with additional controllers and more, while the top portion holds the Switch, attached Joy-Con, and games. Detaching the Velcro from the top case will allow you to “Pull” your Switch off “N-Go!”


You can read our entire write up here, but this is just a bit of what we wrote:

The case is built incredibly well, and even has dividers so you can easily protect specific pieces of equipment. You may ask why it’s called the Pull-N-Go? While you can store your dock, and extra controller or Joy-Con, and more in the bottom portion of the case, the top portion is actually just a standard Nintendo Switch carrying case which can be removed from the bottom by tearing away the velcro. So you can effectively Pull….N Go! Leaving your dock behind – maybe in the trunk of your car while on vacation, or just passing the time waiting for your fast food order on a long trip – you can just grab your switch case from the top of the entire product and…go! It’s really easy too, and while I was nervous about the quality of the velcro and whether the top would come off TOO easily, well my fears were unfounded.

PDP has announced new versions of the case. While previously the only option was to pick up the Elite version of the case, you can now get a Mario, Link (Legend of Zelda), or Tom Nook (Animal Crossing) branded case! And they look absolutely fantastic, with beautiful accent colors, and character art that pops! Check out the images below, as well as the video review we posted a while back.

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