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The Metroid Prime: Blast Ball Demo’s Online Goes Away In September

Metroid Prime Blast Ball recently received a demo on the eshop. This may be the most extensive demo we’ve ever seen too. Nintendo has included all of Blast Ball in this free demo and you can play it unlimited times. The most impressive part of the demo is the online multiplayer. With Federation Force right around the corner though, we all knew that the online in the demo wouldn’t last forever. We now know when the multiplayer will end!


In early September, Nintendo will be shutting off the Metroid Prime: Blast Ball demo servers. Federation Force comes out in August, so Nintendo is keeping the servers up longer then expected. The servers will switch over “to support the full game only” in September. You’ll still be able to play single player and local multiplayer in the demo!

I really like this demo and I’m looking forward to playing more Blast Ball in August. I’ll probably keep the demo around after the online is off, so that I can play single player once and awhile. I’m not sure when or if I’ll get Federation Force. I have other games I need to buy first!

Have you played the Blast Ball demo? What do you think of Federation Force? Let us know if you plan to buy it in August!

Source: Nintendo Everything


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