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Lets Go For A Hike: A Look At A Short Hike For Nintendo Switch

A lot of cool looking games were revealed at this weeks Indie World Showcase. One of them was a called A Short Hike. It also came out this week. I bought it and downloaded it. Now I want to tell you about this wonderful little game.


A Short Hike for Nintendo Switch is one of the cutest games you could download right now. It stars a penguin in a world of other animals. And she goes on a hike!

In the world of A Short Hike, you basically go on a hike and explore. There is no combat in this game. A Short Hike is all about discovery: finding things, talking to animals, and seeing whats around that next corner. And every corner of this game is beautiful.

A Short Hike is a very nice looking game. Its pixelated style is pleasing to the eyes. Its so artistic. Its obvious that a lot of care was put into A Short Hikes world.

Not everyone loves this kind of game but if you are looking for a super relaxing game with exploration and cuteness, look no further. A Short Hike is available on the Nintendo Switch eshop!


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