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Kirby and Sweet and All, But Where is Donkey Kong?

Anytime Nintendo drops a brand new game for us to enjoy, I’m a pretty happy camper. As someone who primarily plays on the Nintendo Switch, I love playing the host of first party titles, even if it’s not something I’m that excited about. You can put me in that camp for the upcoming Kirby game, Kirby’s Dream Buffet! Sure, the game looks like some crazy fun, and I’m sure the family and I will enjoy it. But all of this new game hype has me asking one question – where is a brand new 3D Donkey Kong game?

It’s been a while since we had a 3D Donkey Kong platformer to enjoy. A LONG time. And for those that remember Donkey Kong 64 as much as I do, the game still holds up today, wonky camera issues and all. But seeing a new game from Nintendo just makes me long for a brand new Donkey Kong experience even more, and previous rumours aren’t helping. See, it wasn’t all that long ago that the rumour mill was alive with the thought that the Super Mario Odyssey team was working on a Donkey Kong game using a similar engine. Yes please. Where is it?

And we need to be realistic and honest – Nintendo is actually pretty good at keeping a lid on some of their bigger reveals, so it is actually unlikely that a rumour about a Donkey Kong game would be real…even if the game is real.

So I will continue to wait. With no regular Nintendo Direct in sight, it’s unlikely any more big splashes are coming this year, even if the holiday season is looking a little light with just a brand new Pokemon game. Still, it would be nice to see Nintendo drop it as a surprise…

Would you be all in on a Donkey Kong experience?



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