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Flynt Buckler Wakes the Sleepy Castle Teaser Trailer

The Paper Mario series is one of the best rpgs out there. The Thousand Year Door for the Gamecube is the best one so far. And so any game that takes inspiration from that series and especially that game has our attention. For instance there’s Flynt Buckler Wakes The Sleepy Castle, which is planned for PC and Nintendo Switch! Check out the teaser trailer.

Flynt Buckler Wakes The Sleepy Castle looks amazing! The battle system is clearly Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door inspired and so is the regular gameplay too.  The graphics, meanwhile, has a great cartoon-like quality to them. The characters especially look jaw dropping, though the backgrounds look nice too.

The game will be going to Kickstarter this Fall. The game will be coming to the Switch even if it doesn’t make its goal. We are so excited to play this game!

What do you think of Flynt Buckler Wakes The Sleepy Castle?


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