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Creative Cam Sync HD Webcam Review

With many computers, monitors, and obviously laptops coming with built in webcams today, it’s not often that folks every look online for an actual, standalone webcam device. Unless you are streaming – in which case you are probably using an expensive alternative camera – buying a webcam online might be a bit foreign to you. It’s not until you get one – or see a review of one, like ours here – that you realize how inadequate your built in webcam really is, and how much better your experience will be with an HD webcam doing 1080p. Did I tell you that this could all be possible for 49.99 USD? Enter the new Cam Sync HD from Creative!


The Cam Sync HD from Creative is a wide angle webcam with a built in microphone, capable of capturing in 1080p HD. Although it’s likely not hte best option for hardcore, experienced streamers, for everyday users and beginners in the streaming space, this is a very serviceable webcam for an extraordinary price. Our review unit arrived just shy of 2 weeks ago, and I’ve been using the device on many of my video conference calls with colleagues in my ‘day job.’ What’s even better? It has plug-and-play compatibility, using onboard Windows drivers to bring the entire package together.


It’s really the little features that put this inexpensive webcam over the top when it comes to usability in various situations. Creative knows that privacy is really important, as do end users. Ever seen someone’s laptop with a small piece of tape over the webcam? I sure have, and it’s pretty unsightly. Thankfully, the Cam Sync HD from Creative comes with a lens cap that will not only hide the camera when not in use, but will also protect the lens from bits of dust and debris when not in use.

The camera also has a universal mounting clip, which when mounted to a monitor or laptop help keep the camera steady, but when not, can be used to mount the camera to tripods, boom arms, and more. It is these little features that really make the 49.99 USD price point so digestible.

Using the Creative Cam Sync HD could not be easier, and the video quality improvements made it a worthwhile upgrade at a relatively low cost. The added minor features of the lens cap and the mounting clip makes the device usable in more situations. For 49.99 USD, you won’t find a much better product on the market, at this price.


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