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Check out High Score on Netflix Right Now

Usually we don’t talk about anything Netflix or tv related here on GamesReviewscom. We are all about games! As it happens though, High Score on Netflix is all about games too. Let us tell you about it and why you should be watching it.


High Score is a documentary on Netflix about…video games! Surprise! I mean, really, what else did you think it would be about?

So what makes High Score so interesting that we had to write about it?

Well, High Score is more than just a video game history lesson. The documentary doesn’t just tell us about stuff we already know about gaming history. The series takes a deep dive into what makes video games tick and tells us about history that we probably have never heard before.

High Score tell us about women, African American men, and gay men that played a part in gaming history. We never hear these stories in other gaming docs. So along with tales about Atari, Nintendo’s early success, and Sega’s rise, we also hear stories about people who are important to gaming history that other docs have left out. These are stories about people who have worked in video games and/or played in tournaments. Its very amazing and one of the reasons that High Score gets our highest recommendation.

Without a doubt, High Score is one of the best gaming documentaries available right now. Its focus on big and small stories is always interesting. And its a treat visually because of the occasional animated additions. Oh and the voice of Mario, Charles Martinet, narrates High Score!

There are six episodes of High Score on Netflix. You should check them out!


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