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Worms Rumble Runs Well on Nintendo Switch

Although I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I launched Worms Rumble on Nintendo Switch, I was glad to almost instantly see that cross-play with other consoles was an option. With no knowledge of the title whatsoever, the thing I wanted to know was: will people actually be playing this on Nintendo Switch? Will it run OK on the system? Thankfully, even if players aren’t on Nintendo Switch, I was hoping in and out of most games with relative ease, and enjoying a fairly smooth experience along the way.


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Worms Rumble takes the classic turn-based Worms approach……and throws most of it in the garbage for something different. You still move along 2-D plains, and yes, most of those awesome Worms maneuvers are still there – like climbing up walls. But your moves aren’t limited, and using the right stick, you can aim your gun each and every way as you fight to the death in this unique battle royale experience.

Maps are sufficiently varied and quite large, which is both a blessing and a curse. It’s nice to see large environments that can hold dozens of players, but learning the ins and outs of all of these places will take time, and sometimes with these titles, time isn’t something folks have a lot of. Still, it was enjoyable to jump in-and-out of Worms Rumble whenever I wanted, playing a quick game in less than 10 minutes, and enjoying every minute of it…even if I did only get 3 kills, 13 deaths, and finished in 27th place.

But that’s what makes Worms Rumble, and most battle royale titles, so much fun. Even when things look bleak, they are still a lot of fun to play. In my first look above, you can see just how terrible I am. While it did take some time to get into various matches, once I was in, things played out very nicely. If you are looking for a fun, Worms experience docked or in your hands, Worms Rumble has everything you need!


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