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The virtual casino visit is possible also on the PS4

Even if you have not just seen in recent years, many casino games that have found their way to the Play station, so is the case none say that this has not changed in recent months. At least you is the virtual visit to the casino now legally and free of charge on the PS4, to you have you only the relatively new download “The Four Kings Casino & Slots” from the Play station goals and your online visit to the casino is nothing more from the way.


The game is a kind of mixture of RPG and casino game and can only be played on the Play station Network and thanks to the quite successful and comprehensive implementation; it is definitely worth a look for casino fans, just due to the fact that it can be played for free.

As The Four Kings Casino & Slots is played

In the game itself, of course, all about the great games in the casino, which is also found in “real life”? The range of playable classics ranges from blackjack than roulette or poker to diverse slot machines. If ye turn asks where are to find the aforementioned RPG elements, so it goes in “The Four Kings” also about developing your own character in the game. Starts her more than No Name in jeans and shirt, you can look through virtual money that you win in the Games, continue upwards and upgrade as equipment, jewelry and your own hotel room. Moreover, the game sets but also on in-app purchases if you want to save your time and invest real money in your character.


At this point, some readers may be puzzled: Are Casino games do not actually prohibited on the Play station, if money can be used, as in the app purchases? However, this is a kind of misunderstanding, because casino games are only prohibited where you can use money to win more money – and that’s not the case at a uk mobile casino. Real money can only be used for the purchase, which happens to not serve again to win real money.
Overall, The Four Kings Casino & Slots knows so quite pleasing, because just fans of casino games will not create to the free game around for lack of alternatives. The fact that it’s all about virtual money in the game, making the game to a risk-free, but fun-making pastime by her perhaps even for your trips into the world of real gambling, whether online or can work out in real life.