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Turtle Beach Elite Pro Gaming Headset – PC Edition

Turtle Beach Elite Pro Gaming Headset – PC Edition

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Last year, Turtle Beach launched the Elite Pro Gaming headset which worked across the PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and it was actually a unit one of our reviewers purchased at the time, but never wrote a review on. His thoughts overall that it was a better than average headset at about the right price point, although there was always a bit of discomfort from wearing the unit for long periods of time. When Turtle Beach announced they would be launching a PC Specific Elite Pro headset, I was instantly intrigued and reached out to them for a review sample. After using the headset for almost a solid 2 weeks, I’m fairly confident in the conclusions I’ve made.


The Elite Pro Gaming Headset doesn’t look a whole lot different from last years model, and that isn’t a bad thing as it is one of the better looking headsets currently available on the market. The packaging itself is very classy, with a beautiful one page typed up document that makes you feel like you are opening something truly special.

For the most part, the headset is covered in a matte black finish, with accents of Orange around the ear cups, and where the cups meet the ComforTec Fit System band that goes across the top of your head. The Aerofit Ear Cushions are incredibly comfortable, using the balance of soft felt with a leather like material to make something that you know will last over the long life of this headset. One unique feature to Turtle Beach is how their earcups are designed with glasses wearers in mind, and big positive for someone like me! Adjusting the ProSpecs Glasses Relief System is as easy as removing the earcup and adjusting the strap to fit the size of your glasses frame. When wearing glasses, I never feel the pressure against my head. The cushions protect 50mm Nanoclear Speakers that will pump out some fantastic sounds once everything is set up and ready to go.

On the left earcup, a detachable Pro Gaming Microphone with TruSpeak Technology can easily be put on or off, depending on what you plan on doing for any specific gaming session. The quality of the microphone itself is top notch, and the bendable arm allows you to place the microphone where ever it suites you best.

To give the headset a comfortable shape, Turtle Beach has perfected their ComforTec Fit System, which allows you to tighten or loosen the band across your head by simply sliding a small moveable bar on the left and right side of the band.

The headset does include it’s own dongle, with easy to reach volume control dials – as opposed to having them on the earcups themselves – as well as an option to mute the microphone with the touch of a button.

Audio Qualityblank

Through the included USB Amp, the Turtle Beach Elite Pro Gaming Headset can produce DTS Headphone:X 7.1 Surround Sound, which is perfect when playing most first person shooter titles. While this system will never be a true replacement for an actual 7.1 Surround Sound Unit, it does an almost equally good job producing that effect, which will be a huge bonus for those without ample space or finances to actually own a stand alone sound system.

From the games I played – primarily Call of Duty, but also a bit of Halo Wars 2 and Forza – all the sounds coming from the headset were crisp and clear, and I firmly believe that Turtle Beach comes in slightly better than most competition when you hear how well they handle sudden noises that can often result in muttled base sounds, and screeching high notes. Not with these, however! Turtle Beach has also perfected their Superhuman Hearing System, which allows you to accurately hear the sounds of those around you in game. If someone is sneaking up on you and makes even the slightest noise, the Elite Pro Gaming Headset will pick it up!



When ever I do headset reviews, inevitably a ton of people will hit me up on social media telling me that a USB microphone is always better than a headset mic, and that a real surround system is better than headphones. Yes, I understand that, and I think Turtle Beach does as well. But for a better than average package that won’t take up a lot of space in your gaming setup, I cannot recommend the Elite Pro Gaming Headset – PC Edition from Turtle Beach anymore. It is a fantastic combination of better than average sound and better than average comfort when compared to other headsets in a similar price point. Head over to and see how you can get your own Elite Pro!


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