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Sega Announced Two New Sonic Games And One of Them Will Be On the NX

Over the weekend, Sega had a 25th anniversary celebration for Sonic. The party was streamed online and Sega made two major Sonic announcements there. We have trailers for the games and my impressions of them below!


Over the weekend, Sega celebrated Sonic 25th anniversary and streamed it online. You can also find more pictures of the event on Sega’s twitter account! There was some big news at the event too. Sega announced two new Sonic games! Check out the trailers and then my impressions of the games.

Sonic Mania was the first game announced by Sega. Sonic Mania is a 2D Sonic game and looks a lot like the classic Sonic games of old. I wasn’t too impressed by this game. The first footage of Sonic Mania (see above) feels very been there, done that to me. However, I know that many Sonic fans are excited for this new game and hopefully Sega won’t let them down with it. Right now, Sonic Mania is confirmed for the Playstation 4, PC, and Xbox One. Sega is saying that the game will come out Spring 2017.

The second game that Sega announced is called Project Sonic. I’m pretty sure the title will be changed eventually. This second Sonic game is a 3D Sonic adventure. I thought the graphics looked good but, unlike Sonic Mania, the footage presented is just a cutscene! Its much to early to guess whether or not this will be a good game, especially with no gameplay footage. Of course, the previous 3D Sonic games were a mixed bag. We can only hope that Sega gets the gameplay right this time. The biggest news with Project Sonic is that the title has been announced for the NX (along with the PS4, Xbox One, and PC). Project Sonic is only the third game announced for Nintendo’s next console. Sega says that the game will be out in Holiday 2017.

Oh and there’s one more Sonic related thing that was revealed recently…

The first gameplay footage of Sonic in Lego Dimensions!!! Personally, I think this footage looks better than either of the two Sonic games that Sega announced. The Lego Sonic world looks fun and Sonic being in all of those other worlds looks like a blast. My favorite thing in the trailer is Sonic and the Doctor (from Doctor Who) standing side by side! Sonic will be coming to Lego Dimensions this Fall.

What do you think of all this Sonic news? Which version of Sonic do you like the best?


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