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Rainbow Six Siege is Hella fun on Google Stadia

Rainbow Six Siege has been a gem of a title for Ubisoft for about half a decade, and as they bring more and more platforms online, the pool of available players, and the availability of the title to a wider audience, continues to grow. And while many might quickly write off the Stadia version, claiming there w0n’t be a pool of players because, “Google Stadia is dead,” rest assured your player base will be massive with cross-play support between Stadia, Luna from Amazon, and PC.


Once again, like with so many other titles we have reviewed over the last two years, Google Stadia is the premier way to play yet again. No downloads, no uploads, just solid gameplay and smooth experiences without the need for a console. If our articles about Stadia games are starting to sound the same, there is a good reason why: almost everything is better when played via Google Stadia. As someone who has a decent enough internet connection to play Stadia, but not decent enough to finish downloads in a reaonsable amount of time, Google Stadia continues to be a lifesaver, and for good reason.

Our friends at Ubisoft Canada hooked us up with two codes for Rainbow Six Siege. I took one, and one of my colleagues took the other so we could play together. We were able to jump in instantly to begin working on this review/overview of the game. Had we chosen a different platform, he would have had to waited for me to download the entire game on another platform before I could join him. That is the brilliance of Stadia – no downloads, no updates, and no storage issues.

Ultimately, however, the biggest issue is how well most games run on Stadia, and to be fair we’ve found that the experience isn’t always as smooth as we would like or expect. Not here. Rainbow Six Siege on Google Stadia is a marvel, running insanely smooth. I’d be hard to pinpoint any hiccups I had during my dozen or so hours I’ve played. Although you could have been playing Rainbow Six Siege through the first 5+ seasons, if you want to jump in now and own a Google Stadia, now is the time!


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