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Nintendo Treehouse Live July 2020 to Air Tomorrow (7/10)

Nintendo of America announced on twitter today that there will be a Treehouse Live tomorrow, July 10, 2020. We have all the details available below!


Treehouse Live July 2020 will air tomorrow at 12:00pm central time. According to the Nintendo America twitter there will be gameplay of the upcoming Paper Mario: The Origami King. Also it’ll “feature a first reveal and gameplay for a title in a franchise new to developer WayForward!”

I’m a huge Paper Mario fan, so seeing more of that game will be great. That said, the WayForward announcement could be pretty huge! Is WayForword working with a Nintendo IP? They could be but the wording here is tricky. It says “a franchise new to developer WayForward”. So that could mean Nintendo IP but it could just mean a new WayForward IP!

WayForward is a great developer. They are responsible for the awesome Shantae franchise but they’ve also done plenty of other games, like Mighty Switch Force and River City Girls. They usually do Metroidvania style platformers, so whatever knew IP though is probably along those lines (2D Metroid by them would be my “I want it now!” thing)

Nintendo spotlighting WayForward during this Treehouse Live is a pretty big deal though. Whatever they will show tomorrow must have Nintendo’s full support. We could very well be in for a major surprise. Of course it could just be a really cool WayForward game too.

The Treehouse Live will have Paper Mario and the WayForward IP reveal. Will it have anything else? Thats unclear. It would be cool to see some more things but in the end, its just great that Nintendo is giving us a surprise Treehouse Live tomorrow!

Will you be tuning in? I know I will!

UPDATE: Nintendo of America just added this statement to their twitter: “Please note that WayForward’s new title featured in #NintendoTreehouseLive is based on a third-party property.” So there goes any hope of a Nintendo property. sigh. Still. “third-party property.” Hmmm. Could still be a big announcement! (please be Castlevania)


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