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Mythic Ocean Is Now Available on the Nintendo Switch eshop

Mythic Ocean, an undersea adventure game, is now available for the Nintendo Switch eshop. Please take a look at this trailer for the game. Plus we have some thoughts on this epic adventure.

Mythic Ocean is now available on the Nintendo Switch eshop!

What is Mythic Ocean?

Mythic Ocean is described as “an atmospheric and charming adventure where you’ll befriend a pantheon of gods under the sea, help them find themselves, and make choices that shape the creation of a new world. Explore all the outcomes. Which god will rise above? What kind of world will they create? You decide – choose wisely.”

There is a demo for the game and I checked it out!

In Mythic Ocean, you play as a being who doesn’t remember who they are. You are in first person mode and you swim through the Ocean meeting different characters, interacting with them, and helping them how you want.

There is a lot of dialogue choices and branching paths. Even in the demo its obvious that the game will have multiple endings. The sense of exploration and discovery, even in this shorter experience, is wonderful. I had a lot of fun with the demo. The graphics are very nice and the game controls well. The Mythic Ocean demo is an absolutely charming experience.

If you are interested in Mythic Ocean, you should check out the demo! And then go get the game. More cozy games in your life is never a bad thing!


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