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My Universe – Green Adventure: Farmer Friends Impressions Nintendo Switch

Although there have been over a dozen games in the My Universe series dating back…a long time, I’ve actually never played one. I’ve often put them into my cart when they’ve been on sale, but have yet to pull the trigger.


Even when review codes come into the office, it’s more likely that Kevin is reviewing the title, as opposed to myself. So when I had the chance to play a farming simulation My Universe title, I knew I had to play it. You can read Kevin’s PS5 impressions here (LINK), but how does the game run on Nintendo Switch? Let’s find out!
You can watch an hour of the game below, with more available on my YouTube channel!
On the Switch, both in handheld and docked, the game looks really nice. It’s got a really great cartoony feel, with some quality assets, especially with the animals and various upgradeable items around the farm. Those who have played Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town (Review LINK) will grasp the controls really quickly. Simply press A once you’ve chosen the correct tool using the D-Pad and get to farming. Your inventory is spread across a number of different slots that can be accessed by pushing up and down on the D-Pad.
In Green Adventure: Farmer Friends, you will be creating a eco-friendly farm. The concept here is really nice, and for those with a mind for environmental sustainability, this is probably a game you’ll really enjoy. Everything is about being self-sustaining, and for the most part it works really well. The game encourages the use of environmentally friendly practices, including the use of manure over pesticides, and saving animals from bad situations by letting them come and live on your farm.
And I think the goal of being environmentally friendly melds well with how the game feels when you play it. This is a super relaxing farming simulation game. You never feel like you are racing against the clock to get stuff done in a single day, and there is no town or villagers to worry your time with. While that might be a negative, it wasn’t for me. Instead, this is all about land improvement and crop growing. It’s worth remembering that this game doesn’t come with a AAA price tag, so the lack of a town and a few other feature you might find in other farming simulation games of this quality should be understood.
While not a long game, Green Adventure: Farmer Friends is a great experience, and one I am happy to have played. It even might be take that dive into other My Universe games!

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