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Monster Hunter Stories 2 Review-in-Progress: Pokémon-like Story

In our first review-in-progress of Monster Hunter Stories 2, we talked about the game’s graphics. In our second one, we focused on the battle system. For our third part, we will talk about the story with as few spoilers as possible. Still if you want to know nothing whatsoever about the story, then you may want to skip this article.


Monster Hunter Stories 2 has a very Pokémon-like story.

Instead of “gotta catch ’em all”, its a “gotta hatch ’em all”. You collect many monsters throughout the story, fight against some, and the story is focused on them obviously.

Where as the regular Monster Hunter has you playing as a Hunter, that is not so in Monster Hunter Stories 2. Instead you are a Monster Rider who works with monsters. Still you do hunt some monsters occasionally. Its a more kid-friendly story than regular Monster Hunter though.

The story is not bad but it isn’t the best I’ve encountered in an role-playing game either. It does have some interesting characters and neat back story though. And the dialogue in this game ranges from okay to good.


Monster Hunter Stories 2 is fully voiced and the voice acting is fine. I wouldn’t say its Final Fantasy 7 Remake level but I haven’t run into any voices that are too annoying.

I think the story is alright and its possible it could get better. At the moment, the story is the weakest part of the game so far, with the graphics and gameplay being a ton better.

Overall, I’m enjoying Monster Hunter Stories 2 a lot.

Please stay tuned to for our full review of Monster Hunter Stories 2 next week!

Monster Hunter Stories 2 is now available on the Nintendo Switch via retail and on the eshop. Thank you to Nintendo Canada for providing a review code.


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