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Loot Crate July 2016 Review – Futuristic

Futuristic sounds like it should be awesome, so by naming it that, Loot Crate began hyping up July’s Loot Crate. So many great franchises come to mind when you think of futuristic, and over the month until my box arrived, I wondered which of the many they would include. Although I was off on many of my predictions, I was still right with a lot of them. Check out our full review with photos below the unboxing video, and see if Loot Crate is something you should continue to subscribe too!

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Mega Man Blind Box Figure


If you haven’t played a Mega Man game, you are definitely missing out. That new Mighty Number 9? Pass on that, for sure. But hit up all the old Mega Man titles – most are worth playing. This wasn’t one of the franchises I thought about when I was trying to figure out what might come in this months Futuristic box, but it’s a great addition that many in the Video Game community will enjoy. The figures look great, although I did find some unfortunate colour bleeding in mine. Despite that disappointment, I think this figure will make a great addition to my figure shelf! I know I say this every week, but once I’m settled in and things are sorted, I will post some office pictures!

Star Trek Loot Pin

I think that of all the subscription box companies, Loot Crate is near the top with their monthly pins. Like 95% of other subscription box owners, I prefer the pins to the buttons, by far. This months pin is definitely once of the best I have EVER received, and fits in perfectly with the new Star Trek film, and this months theme. This months pin also unlocks 50$ worth of content in the free-to-play mobile game, Star Trek: Online. I’ve since loaded up the title and redeemed by loot, and it’s fantastic. Give it a try.

The other Star Trek item in this months box was the decal. The decal is multiuse, so stick and pull it as many times as you want. Although, to be honest, although people keep telling me it has an unlimited number of uses, there is a breaking point, right? If you are a Star Trek fan, make sure to show everyone by sporting this great Dedication Plaque Replica decal!


Variant Comic: 4001 AD

Loot Crate has been really great for comic book fans this month, and although they are partnering with a smaller publisher this time around, they definitely will soon be a house hold name with all the awards and accolades they are collecting. I have not read a ton of Variant books yet, but the ones that I have read – recommended often by others – have impressed me greatly! I have yet to crack into this one, but from what I’m hearing around the web, this is a must read.


Futurama Planet Express Ship

I was really excited when I unboxed the Futurama Planet Express Ship model, and couldn’t wait to get it out of the box. This is an obvious item to include in a Futuristic themed box, and I was actually expecting something from this franchise. While I do enjoy the ship, I’m less impressed with the build quality. For some reason I assume this would be a die cast model, or at the least, a heavy plastic. Unfortunately, it is neither and I’m worried that if my kids get their hands on this for even a few seconds, they might find a way to dent, bend, or ultimately break this item. I guess this one goes to the top of the shelf! I love the item, but would have preferred a better quality build. When assessing the models details, it’s top notch!


Rick and Morty tShirt

What I really appreciate about Loot Crate is that even when they include a tshirt or item from a franchise I could care less about, I’m still oddly in love with the items regardless. This is again the case with this months tShirt. In all honesty, I could give to craps about Rick and Morty, but this tshirt is outstanding and I cannot wait to wear it. This is becoming a general month-to-month PSA from myself to all our readers on GamesReviews, and I’m even going to use fancy quotes like someone important is saying it…

When subscribing to most subscription boxes, and especially Loot Crate, you are guaranteed to not enjoy every item you get. However, even if the franchise the item is derived from does not suite your fancy, there is often something about it that will appeal to you, if you are a true nerd and collector.

There, words from the great Adam Roffel…and I have a Masters Degree so, there is some education behind that.



All joking aside – I do have a masters degree, but that does not make me more qualified than anyone else to make definitive statements like the one above – you need to appreciate nerd and geek culture, and be willing to dive in head first, to really appreciate Loot Crate. While some people will often score boxes in the 5-6/10 range, they are often based on personal preference. I always try to look at it from the perspective of a collector, as a fan, or simply as someone who has an appreciation for long running franchises or genre defining shows and movies. If you are that type of person, Loot Crate subscription boxes should never disappoint.

Once again, if you want to get your own Loot Crate and support GamesReviews at the same time, be sure to subscribe to their box here and use the coupon code GAMESREVIEWS!


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