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Hazel Sky

Hazel Sky is an indie adventure game where you go island hopping, solve puzzles, and discover the story as you go. We checked it out on the Xbox Series S and here is our review of the game!


Story and Gameplay

Hazel Sky is adventure game where you control a young engineer who has been sent off to take part in a series of tests. The tests will have you putting together different types of craft in order to get to the next island. This means you will have to search each island for items and then combine them with other objects. For instance, the first test has you finding objects to repair a Da Vinci style glider.

Other islands have you using handcarts and even a small train to complete the tests. There are no enemies in Hazel Sky, only puzzles. The game’s story unfolds as you go, letting you know backstory about the main character and other characters. Hazel Sky focuses on exploration and discovery; the controls could be a lot better.

The game’s controls are not bad but not great either. Some actions like climbing and controlling a giant magnet are a bit awkward because you have to use a button and the analog stick to do them. Even so, the puzzles are pretty interesting and so is the game overall.


Graphics and Sound

The graphics, however, are just okay. They are not the worst I’ve seen on the Xbox Series S but the game could have easily been a last generation game. This is especially obvious when looking at the characters faces which are not great. Some of the environments are not bad looking though.

As for its sound, the music in the game is fine. Nothing stunning but not bad either. The voice acting is not that great though. Some of the dialogue comes out a bit corny and its not obvious if its just the writing or the voice acting or both that make it corny. Neither the graphics or the sound are terrible but they could’ve been better.



Hazel Sky has its issues with gameplay, graphics, and sound but the story and some of the puzzles are interesting. If you like adventure games, then you’ll likely find yourself wanting to know what will happen on the next island despite any issues the game has. Its not a bad game at all.

Hazel Sky gets a 7.0 out of 10.

A digital code was provided for this review. Hazel Sky is now available on the Xbox Series X/S.


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