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FAST Racing NEO Will Race To Wii U Retail Stores Later This Year

I’ve never played FAST Racing NEO. I like F-Zero a bunch and I thought the previews looked good for the Neo, but I just haven’t got around to playing the game yet. So, the upcoming disc version of the game might be for me! In any case, its pretty exciting that the game is coming to Wii U retail stores later this year. We have some details below.


Shin’en Multimedia announced today that their racing game FAST Racing NEO would be getting a Wii U disc version later this year. The disc version will include the upcoming “Neo Future Pack” DLC.

What is the “Neo Future Pack” DLC?

This dlc will be coming to the Wii U eshop on 9/30/16. It will include:

“- 8 New tracks – 10 New vehicle profiles – 18 new audio tracks ”

So, if you have the game, you can download this dlc on 9/30. If you don’t have it, you may want to wait for the disc version which will include the above DLC.

I will hopefully either download the game or I may just wait for the disc version!

Have you played FAST Racing NEO? What do you think of it? Will you get the disc version?

Source: Shin’en Multimedia


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