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Download Play Returns…on the Nintendo Switch?!

Download Play is always been one of my favorite things about the 3DS. Its great to have games where you can play with two or more people and only one person has to have the cart. Unfortunately, Download Play also hasn’t been used very much on the 3DS. And so it was a big surprise today when I heard that the feature would return…on the Nintendo Switch?! Read on to find out what game will use it and how this is possible!


Namco Museum will be coming to the Nintendo Switch on July 28th. The game will include Pacman VS and allow players to play that game with people who don’t even own Namco Museum!

One player must own Namco Museum. A free app will be available to download via the Switch’s eshop for the other players. Once downloaded, other players can play local multiplayer with the person who owns the full game via communication between the full game and the app.

Its really cool to see Download Play on the Nintendo Switch. I never thought that would happen. Sure, it won’t be as convenient to download individual Download Play apps as it was to have just one app for all games on the 3DS. I love that this feature is returning though. I am hopeful that we haven’t seen the end of it on the 3DS too.

What do think of Namco Museum? Are you excited to play Pacman VS with your friends??

Source: Nintendo Everything


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