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Animal Crossing New Leaf Will Be Getting amiibo support this Fall

Its been four years since Animal Crossing New Leaf came out and I still play the game. Every day I check my towns and try to make sure that none of my favorite villagers leave. Nintendo hasn’t had any updates or dlc for New Leaf for awhile now. Happy Home Designer was getting updates, but it hasn’t gotten any for awhile (expect for special contests on the online server). I didn’t think New Leaf would ever see another update. I was wrong. Nintendo UK and Nintendo Japan have announced today that Animal Crossing New Leaf will get an update with AMIIBO support this Fall. What?! I have the details below.


Animal Crossing New Leaf will be getting amiibo support this fall. Nintendo UK and Nintendo Japan have confirmed this. As of this writing, Nintendo of America hasn’t announced the update for North America, but usually Nintendo doesn’t update their twitter this early in the morning. I think sometime today we’ll get confirmation from Nintendo America. I’ll try to update this post later when they confirm it for North America. UPDATE: Nintendo of America has confirmed the New Leaf amiibo update for the Fall too. Check out this link: and this:

So what is this New Leaf amiibo support? Well, if you have Animal Crossing amiibo cards, then you can use them on New Leaf. How? Well, a ghost named Wisp will appear somehow (we don’t have details on how yet) and he’ll give you an option to use the amiibo cards. Wisp has appeared in previous Animal Crossing games (the first one & City Folk). When you use a card, the animal on the card will appear! If you have an open spot in your town, the animal will move to your town. Wait a second. You can invite animals to move to your town via the amiibo cards?! YES. Oh and there’s something else you can do too…


The above Animal Crossing figure amiibo can be used via Wisp too. We don’t know what the figures will do yet, but its unlikely that these animals will move into your town. They are special animals after all! I guess we’ll have to wait and see what they do.

Oh and there’s another thing thats coming with the update…. (more?!)


As you can see in the above picture, Splatoon items and clothes will be added with this update. Its likely that you’ll have to use Splatoon amiibo figures to unlock them. And if you notice on the picture to the left, there are two new Splatoon inspired animals that’ll be coming to the game too. I’ve heard that you’ll be able to ask them to move to your town! Whoa.

Also, its been hinted that you’ll be able to use other amiibo figures to unlock other things. What will they unlock? Will there be more Nintendo items and clothes coming to New Leaf? I have no idea. But its pretty amazing that any of this is happening!

I never thought New Leaf would get this big update so late in its life. What does this mean for a future Animal Crossing game? I’m not sure. I would think that if a new Animal Crossing was coming soon, that Nintendo wouldn’t add this update. So it could be that Nintendo is trying to extend the life of Animal Crossing New Leaf. Of course, thats only speculation on my part. For all I know, another Animal Crossing might be just around the corner! Though, it is strange that New Leaf is getting such a big update…

In any case, I’m very happy about this update. What about you? Are you looking forward to this amiibo update? Will this get you playing New Leaf again, for the first time, or are you still playing? Let us know in the comments!


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