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Victrix Pro AF Headset Review

Victrix Pro AF Headset

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Excellent About Rating

I’ve been a huge supporter of Performance Design Products for a long time now, and they have always been great supporters of the website. In general, I do really enjoy the products the company puts out, but I’ve also had my issues with them. Most notably, I’ve never been overly impressed with the headsets the company has released. While they have been adequate and good for the price point, they’ve never been my go-to for long gaming periods, and rarely stick to the games shelf – they are often just relegated to the basement shelf. That’s changed with the Victrix Pro AF Headset, a brand new favourite and my current go-to!


We are reviewing the Xbox Series S / X version of this headset, provided by Victrix for this review!

The Design

What I love about the Victrix brand of items from PDP is how awesome the packaging is. You are paying a premium for these items, so to see them arrive in premium packaging is a really nice touch. Unnecessary, sure. But when you spend a good amount of money on a product, you want the entire experience – including the unboxing -to be special and memorable, and this one definitely is.

The headset itself is pretty plain, with only a little flare on each earcup. And that’s perfectly fine with me. While a younger version of myself loved the crazy RGB lighting and cool designs all over, the older – potentially more mature? – me really just wants something that looks neat and clean. Even with a little fun built into the headset, this one still feels clean and professional. The headset comes with a removable noise cancelling boom mic, a nice touch that not all headsets in 2022 are implementing. The cups themselves house great 50mm High Definition Drivers, all of which is held together with a sturdy design. The headset uses a carbon steel headband with lightweight aircraft grade aluminum yokes. This makes wearing the headset for hours on end easy and comfortable, which it should be for the price.

One of the more interesting features on the headset was a set of cooling levers on each earcup which can be opened and closed to increase airflow, reducing head and humidity that can build up. As an overly sweaty individual – it’s a condition, trust me – this is a neat, and a bit bizarre.

Like most headsets, the PRO AF comes with onboard controls around the earcups for adjusting volume, muting the microphone, and more. Nothing crazy here, and it shouldn’t be – it should be industry standard now. All the buttons are easily reachable and mimic a fairly standard headset layout.

How they Sound

Phenomenal is one way to describe this headset. It is a definite boost over headsets in the 100-130 range, and is much closer to a 250$+ headset you might get from other companies. This one is packing a little bit of everything, and while there is a headset one step up from this one – the PRO AF ANC – the extra features in that set are really geared towards eSports players, while this version scales nicely for everyday use outside of eSports. Still, if you are playing with a team regularly and have a bit of money to spend, this is a great option.

For gaming, the sound is incredible. Hearing those footsteps around you, the differentiating sound depending on distance, and more. You feel immersed, and that’s ultimately what a headset should make you feel. While a lot of this is standard in the industry today, not every company is pulling it off and doing it well – Victrix is, and they are killing it in this space.

If you are in the market for a high level headset, and have a few bucks to spare, the Victrix PRO AF headset is an excellent option, and one you should consider this year!


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