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Top 5 Multi Weapon Users in Anime

Weapons make any character that much cooler. No matter how good one fights barehanded if that person has a weapon at hand, they become thousands of times cooler. But is a single weapon enough to make them awesome?

Yes, yes it is. And if the number of weapons increases, this awesomeness increases exponentially. That is why the most badass anime characters are the ones that wield multiple weapons at a time. Using this logic, many series have a character that uses many weapons at a time. These characters might not be the most powerful or even the main character, still, they hold a special place within the viewer’s heart.

Among the many such multi-weapon users, there exists a hierarchy. Many say that this hierarchy is not based on the number of weapons they use but depending on how efficient they are with these weapons. Well, we believe it’s both, the number of weapons they have is directly related to their wielding proficiency. That’s why we have ranked the top 5 multi-weapon users in anime to create the perfect hierarchy.

#5 Thorfinn

Anime: Vinland Saga

Type: Dual Knife Wielder

Being the son of Thors, the best Jomsviking warrior, Thorfinn is not that brutal. That’s true as long as you look at his life after his punishment ended. But before that, he was brutal, ruthless, and easy to lose himself to rage. This nature of his was what made him eligible for the punishment.


This nature of his has led him to adopt a fighting style that was reliant on speed instead of brute strength. Such a speedy nature made him prefer knives over other weapons. That’s why he inherited his father, Thors knives. These two knives were his signature weapon for quite a while and he was pretty proficient with them.

He had the basics down for dual-wielding as it was almost impossible to catch up to his agile movements.

#4 Death the Kid

Anime: Soul Eater

Type: Dual Pistol Wielder

If you have seen Soul Eater, then you already know how wacky Death the Kid is. But despite his wacky symmetric tendencies, he is one of the most powerful characters in the series. And the reason behind his strength is his immense soul power and his dual guns. He is the second son of Death and the owner of the Demon twin guns, Liz and Patty.

His uniqueness is not his love of symmetry but the way he wields his guns. At the start of the series, the Demon twin, when transformed into their Beretta M9 Silver Pistols, jumped into his hand. And instead of holding the guns in the proper way, he holds the pistols in an inverted manner. Instead of placing his index fingers on the trigger, he uses his pinky to pull the trigger!

With his guns that don’t fire normal bullets but his soul wavelength in its compressed form, he is not only the kid of Death but the Lord Death himself!

#3 Revy

Anime: Black Lagoon

Type: Dual Pistol Wielder

The Lagoon Company is probably the deadliest group of individuals within Black Lagoon. But even among these cut-throats, Revy is a class of her own. Her ability to dual-wield her guns is unparalleled. It was her insane ability that earned her the spot of the main gunfighter within the company.

blankShe is not only good at aiming with guns but also dodging them. When she has her twin Beretta 92F’s in her hand, it is near impossible to hit her. To make sure she can riddle her enemies with as many bullets as she wants, she even modified them to have extended magazines.

If she points the guns at her enemies, they will not only see a normal pistol. That’s because these guns are custom-made with stainless steel. They also have 9mm Sword Cutlass engraved on them to give them the perfect illusion.

#2 Roronoa Zoro

Anime: One Piece

Type: Three Sword Wielder

Among the multi-weapon users, Zoro is undoubtedly the most well-known one. He is a ruthless swordsman who uses three swords at the same time. If you see him, you might mistake that he saw a “Katana for sale” sign and bought as many Katana as he could hold. But that is not the reality.

He inherited two of his swords while he bought another. Since childhood, he had the thought process that the “higher the number of swords, stronger the Swordsman.” And this is why he started using a sword with his mouth. The sight of him using a Katana in such a manner might not be the most pretty one but it doesn’t diminish his dignity even a bit.

With Wado Ichimonji that he obtained from Kushina, Sandai Kitetsu that he got from Samurai sword for sale, and Shusui or Enma, the legacies of Wano, he is one of the best Swordsman in the anime world.

#1 Erza Scarlet

Anime: Fairy Tail

Type: Unlimited Sword Wielder

In Fairy Tail, if someone has authority similar to the guild master Makarov then it’s none other than Erza. She is a beauty who is unparalleled in terms of strength. And the secret behind her strength is her immense magical power and her signature magic Requip. But where is her multi-weapon-wielding ability?


Well the magic Requip itself is nothing amazing. It is a simple subspace spatial magic. But Erza uses it to store her near-infinite weapons. She can wield any weapon she wants as long as she has the magic for it. In most case, she is seen wielding a single sword. But often she dual-wields and when push comes to shove, she can bring out her entire arsenal.

If her hands are occupied, she uses telekinesis and uses her swords in ways one can only dream of. She is like a walking shop with the Katana for sale sign!


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