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Pokémon Diamond and Pearl on Switch: What to expect?

You have all probably heard and saw the press release that came directly from the horse’s mouth at Pokémon, yes Diamond and Pearl variants will be getting a remake for Nintendo Switch!


Being one of the most popular games within Nintendo history all together, you can understand the excitement and intrigue that comes alongside the news. However, with the middle ground and so-so attitude that was the end result towards the making of Sword and Shield for Switch, you can understand as to why many will be apprehensive to the news too. Nobody wants an epic game being remade, with disappointing results, do they?

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Moving on back to the topic of the remake, the new games are set to make their way to the game stands in November, putting it less than 6 months away from reach. Nintendo are believed to be providing us with such a release, due to it being the 25th anniversary for Pokémon overall, meaning this certainly should be the way to celebrate.


In terms of what we can expect for the game, many of us are wondering what will differentiate between this new release, and the 2006 release from 2006. Sure, the region of the game and basic theme will most likely mimic its DS sister game, being that you will probably explore the Sinnoh region once again, but will the Pokémon be completely the same? Will we see the typical wild pokemon such as Bidoof, Luxio and Drifloon and the big and mighty Arceus, or will we have to suffer with a lower number of Pokémon overall, like the Sword and Shield versions? There are so many questions that pop into our mind, and from the trailer provided alongside of the press release, we only have more questions.

There is no doubt that the game itself will improve massively, in terms of the quality and style of the overall gameplay, that is a given, and we do witness it within the trailer too. We just wonder if the storyline will follow that of the old format, where you, the trainer, will need to travel the region and work your way through the gyms and their lead trainers.

Pokémon did announce yet another title to come out soon after the November special, called Pokémon Legends Arceus. We do know from previous titles that this particular Pokémon is rare and does have a connection to the Diamond and Pearl versions. It has also been announced as a sequel to the Sinnoh region game, meaning fans will be ecstatic to first play the anniversary special and remake, and then just a few months later, get their hands on the Arceus sequel. Set just a few months apart with November and January releases, there will be no time to waste when you play really, right?


Some will wonder why the two Pokémon releases are set so close together, but if anything, it is to make sure that gamers have a refresh of the Sinnoh region, in preparation for the sequel. It is all very clever initiative, but at a price of around $59.99 per game, it will set you back quite a bit to get both, right? You can actually pre-order your games from now within all major retailers, there is an expectation for the remakes to sell out pretty quickly, so it may be worth putting yourself down for a copy, if you do not like purchasing from the Switch Online store.

Get your calendar marked for November 19, 2021 folks, Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are coming back to our screens, and we think it’s going to be epic.