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Overboard! Is Available Now for the Nintendo Switch

Don’t go overboard! Push ’em overboard instead! A new game lets you be the murderer without actually, you know, committing a crime in real life. Because you shouldn’t do that. But in Overboard! for the Nintendo Switch, you are the killer and you have find a fall guy (or gal). Take a look at this trailer!

Overboard! is out for the Nintendo Switch eshop right now. inkle, the company that brought us the awesome Heaven’s Vault, is behind this game too.

So what is Overboard about? Well basically you play as a women who decided to murder her husband on a cruise! And now you are looking for a fall guy or gal. The game plays out like a visual novel: slightly animated scenes where you talk to different people. The direction of the story depends on your dialogue choice!

The game looks delightful. Some of the dialogue is just “what?! what?!” It looks like there will be many twists and turns to this “I did it!” game

What do you think of Overboard? Will you pick it up..or will you be the next victim?


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