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More Thoughts From Me E3 Special Edition: Nintendo Goes Not Save E3 But They Did Pretty Good

Let’s admit it: E3 2021 hasn’t been great. And today’s Nintendo Direct wasn’t world changing but it was pretty good. Time to talk about Nintendo!


Today’s Nintendo Direct is over! As I write this, the Nintendo Treehouse is airing and its showing…METROID DREAD.

Yes a new Metroid game was shown during the Nintendo. And its a 2D Metroid game. Without a doubt, this was the most shocking part of the Direct. Yes, a 2D Metroid was rumored and speculated about but a lot of people thought it would just be a remake.

Instead Nintendo is giving us a brand new 2D Metroid game and its going to be Metroid 5! It looks amazing too. I need it.

Also a new Warioware game is on the way. That game is coming in September. It looks so good. It will include a two-player option if thats your kind of thing. I think it looks like a lot fun.

The second biggest surprise, possibly even bigger than Metroid, was Advance Wars 1 + 2 being remade for the Nintendo Switch! Wow. I did not have Advance Wars in my mind at all. It looked cool.

Nintendo also showed a Mario Party game for October. I thought it looked alright but I may know a family member who will be happy to hear about it.

Other than those games, there were a ton of third party games shown. The biggest, for me, was Guardians of the Galaxy the game coming to the Switch! I did not expect that. Though I have to admit I’m glad the Life is Strange games are making their way to Switch too.


There were games I did not care about though, like Just Dance.

And there were disappointments: no new Kirby, no Animal Crossing update (sigh), and the Smash character reveal was just okay. I am excited about New Donk City coming to Mario Golf in a free update though!
Metroid Dread and Advance Wars were the two biggest surprises. Pretty cool ones. And Warioware looks like fun.

Of course Nintendo ended with Zelda. Skyward Sword, Age of Calamity, and Breath of the Wild 2. As many of us thought, the next Breath of the Wild will be out next year. A title was not announced. Just 2022. Hmm. It might be later in that year for all we know…

Overall, it was a pretty good Direct. Did it show everything I hoped for? No. Did it save E3? Nope. Was it better than Xbox? Hmm. Thats debatable. I think it depends on what type of games you like.

I enjoyed the Nintendo Direct. I’m going to go enjoy the Treehouse now.

Tomorrow: I’ll talk about the “winner” of E3.

More Thoughts From Me is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed here are mine and mine alone. Metroid Dread looks SO AWESOME!


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