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More Thoughts From Me E3 Special Edition: Ubisoft’s Dull Show Ends With A Bang

Ubisoft had their E3 event today and…well…look at the title. I mean, I know that kind of sums things up, but let me go into more detail.

Ubisoft’s E3 event was today and…well technically its still going on as I write this. They have a post-show event about this Rainbow Six thing. I do not care. I have it on anyway.

Let’s back up. What did I think of the pre-Ubisoft show?

Um. It was not much of a pre-show to be honest. Lots of walking, flying, sailing, etc. Eh. I took a break after awhile.

Then the main show started…

And I was bored right away. To be honest I’m not into Rainbow Six or Guitar games or skateboard games or Just Dance or…most of what they showed. I was so bored during most of Ubisoft’s show.

It didn’t help that Ubisoft kept stopping to explain every. single. game. that they showed. This wasn’t a fast event like a Nintendo Direct. Instead, the hour really dragged…

It wasn’t until near the end of Ubisoft Forward that I got interested!

Ubisoft finally showed Mario + Rabbids: Spark of Hope. I get the sense that it was supposed to be a big surprise. But it wasn’t since Nintendo leaked it earlier today.

Still. This was the first footage we saw of it. They started with an amazing CGI story trailer. It was jaw dropping. I loved it. Then they talked about the game and showed off pre-alpha gameplay footage that looked excellent. I’m sure it’ll look even better once they’ve finished the game.

Mario + Rabbids: Spark of Hope looked absolutely great. I think its going to be even better than the first game. Bringing in Mario Galaxy story elements does make me (and I’m sure others) pretty excited!

Finally Ubisoft finished out with the Avatar video game. Its been a long, long time since I’ve seen James Cameron’s Avatar. The trailer for the game really brought me back. The graphics were excellent.

Mario + Rabbids and Avatar were the best things shown during the event. Ubisoft did end with a bang! Which is great because the rest of the event was so very dull.

If you enjoyed the whole event, great. I’m glad someone did. As for myself, well, I’m glad it ended well anyway.
Ubisoft won’t be “winning” E3 though…

Next: Xbox/Bethesda tomorrow! And then Square Enix, also tomorrow!

More Thoughts From Me is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed here are mine and mine alone. Wow, Mario + Rabbids looked awesome!


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