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More Thoughts From Me #274: Crazy Xbox and Third Party E3 Predications

Its E3 weeeek! Well E3 technically starts later this week but its sooon. And so begins my final craZy E3 predictions column. In this one I talk about Microsoft and third party developers like Square Enix. What will they show?!


E3 week is here! Though it officially starts on Saturday, there will be announcements throughout the week. You can bet on it. And Summer Game Fest is on Thursday! Whew. But before everything gets too crazy, lets get craZy and talk about stuff that’ll never happen. Here’s Xbox and Bethesda first…

Xbox and Bethesda Sitting In A Tree

This year Xbox will be holding their event on Sunday. Its already announced. And this event will be called the Xbox/Bethesda Showcase because…well Xbox now owns Bethesda. So two events is now one epic event!

And likely this means that most of Bethesda’s upcoming games will be Xbox only. Certainly anything thats shown as the event on Sunday will be only Xbox.

So my crazy guess is that Starfield will finally be revealed and shown off for the Xbox Series X! And the game is coming…this year! Yep, holiday 2021. It’ll be the big exclusive that the console needs for the holiday.

Also the new Elder Scrolls will get a teaser and an Xbox exclusive Fallout game will be revealed for the Xbox Series X too. (over on the Nintendo Direct on Tuesday, we’ll see Fallout 3 for Switch revealed)

As for what else Xbox will show?

The next Halo will be shown off again and promised for October. Psst. It’ll get delayed in September. We won’t see that till 2022.

Fable for Xbox Series X will be shown off for 2022. Actually a lot of the games at the Showcase will be 2022 titles. Though there will be a few third party games, like Assassin’s Creed The Moon Chronicles (see Ubisoft), being shown for 2021.

It’ll be a pretty great event overall.

Square Enix


Square will have their showcase on Sunday. Based on some info we already know, it seems like this event will largely focus on their Western titles like that rumored Guardians of the Galaxy game.

Still. I think we might see new footage of Final Fantasy 16, with a launch window of 2022. I think Dragon Quest HD-2D and some other Switch things will be in the Nintendo Direct on Tuesday. I’m not sure if we’ll see anything Switch related on Sundays Square event. In fact, I don’t think we will. I’ll be disappointed but I’ll live.

Especially if that Guardians of the Galaxy game is shown off and it looks awesome. Which I will predict, really craZy like, that the Guardians game will be Mass Effect meets Square Enix Avengers game. Great graphics, outer space travel, different planets, Knowhere, and a combination of movie, comics, and orignal storyline. This may be the best announcement at E3! We’ll see.



Ubisoft’s event will be on Saturday!

Since its digital this year, I predict the event won’t be annoying like it usually is. Instead it will be a much more professional, focused event. Its already been confirmed that we’ll see the new Rainbow Six game there.

But what else could we see?

I think we’ll get our first Switch reveal of E3 when Ubisoft reveals Mario + Rabbids 2: Donkey Kong’s Revenge. This time Donkey Kong will be involved in the game right away. Wario and Waluigi will be added later with paid DLC (a new campaign). Mario and the Rabbids team up to defeat Donkey Kong who has mysteriously turned evil and kidnapped Pauline and Rabbid Pauline.

It’ll have the same tactical combat as the first game and some surprise platforming levels thrown in for no good reason at all.

Also the next Just Dance will be revealed for the Switch too.

Otherwise the rest of the games will be PS5/PS4 and Xbox games only. We’ll see a big reveal of the next Assassin’s Creed which will be set on the Moon. And Splinter Cell: Sam Fights Back will be revealed. Its a fighting game not a stealth game.

No Immortals sequel yet but they might hint at it. The Ubisoft event will be pretty good.

Everyone Else


Capcom will be having an event on the 6/14, so let’s talk about them real quick.

A new Resident Evil Revelations thats been rumored for Switch but it won’t be revealed till Tuesday during the Nintendo Direct. On Tuesday though, along with showing a bunch of games we already know about, Capcom will reveal a new Street Fighter, a Mega Man game, and a totally new IP. Something with Fish.

Elsewhere, Konami’s Metal Gear Solid Remake will be teased. Someone will be doing a new Silent Hill game and Castlevania Collection 2 will be revealed. It’ll be awesome.

There will be some other cool games at E3 too such as the new Star Wars game set during Obi Wan’s depression and a Sponge Bob Squarepants game that nobody cares about. Hey what about that Lego Star Wars game thats never come out? It won’t be at the show.

So will this be a good E3? I think it’ll be a great E3. I can’t wait to see how depressed Obi Wan gets!

Soon: E3!

I’ll have special More Thoughts From Me columns during E3 talking about what Nintendo, Microsoft, and Square Enix reveals. I might do a Summer Fest one if thats any good and something on Ubisoft if its good. Also you just know I’ll try to pick a “winner” after its all over.

More Thoughts From Me is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed here are mine and mine alone. The E3 Nintendo Direct is next Friday!


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